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All Far Cry 5 Endings: Right, Bad and Secret


Far Cry 5 has recently been released, and even with the fact that it will take at least 20 hours to complete the game quickly, numerous players have already completed the new creation of Ubisoft. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to play Far Cry 5, and you still want to know the content of the endings of the game, then we have prepared this material for you. Let's say right away that the final of the game is really worth watching. Since this time Ubisoft abandoned the banal cliches and in the new part of the shooter in the open world there is no banal division into good and bad endings.

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As in Far Cry 4, in the final of the fifth part, you return to the very beginning of the game - the church from which your adventure began. And again you meet face to face with the pastor Yosif. Only this time the conditions are even more unequal than at the beginning: Yosif and his retinue of sectarians took the protagonist's friends hostage and offers a choice - you leave in peace or give the last battle to the sectarians.

If you choose the second option, the pastor knocks over the barrels with the intoxicating substance "Blazh" and a long battle begins in a state of narcotic trip. Everything is just in the best traditions of the series. When the battle ends, and Joseph is handcuffed, then it's time for a happy ending, but, unfortunately, this is not a Hollywood action movie, but Far Cry 5. The leader of the sectarians begins another monologue about the imminent Apocalypse, and here is a surprise, this time he really right!

The real Far Cry 5 ending

A nuclear warhead explodes in the background and the main characters hurriedly flee from the shock wave. It is likely that the leader of the cultists independently planned the Apocalypse, and the player's intervention made him detonate the warheads ahead of time.


The final of Far Cry 5, where we agree to leave in peace, is not a bad ending, but an alternative ending. After all, a nuclear Armageddon has not yet happened, and the protagonist's comrades remained unharmed, but not everything is so simple. When the player agrees to leave the sectarians alone, the fanatic leader touches the protagonist's forehead, after which a flash of light illuminates the screen.

Together with friends, we get into the car and leave the town of Hope as soon as possible. Thank God the horrors are over! We rejoice early, because the pastor left his “mark” on the player at parting. It is not known whether the police officer succumbed to the pastor's hypnosis, or whether he received a clouding of his mind due to a long stay near the barrels where Blazh was located. But after a short ride, the entire screen is covered with a bloody veil and the credits suddenly begin.

Far Cry 5 Bad Ending

The developers put a filigree ellipsis in this Far Cry 5 ending: maybe the player lost consciousness from fatigue, or perhaps killed all his comrades and returned to the pastor, which is hinted at in the song "Only You", which sounds in the credits. Here everyone will decide for himself.


The requirements in Far Cry 5 for the secret ending are pretty simple: at the beginning of the game, you can either handcuff Yosef or refuse to do it and just wait a couple of minutes. In the second case, the sectarians let you go in peace. Perhaps it is the secret ending that can be called the best. Here, at least the player and his friends did not suffer, and in any case it will not be possible to defeat the fanatics of New Eden, as we have already understood from other endings of the game.

Far Cry 5 secret ending

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