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All Metro Exodus endings: how to get a good and bad ending


The Metro shooter series, despite its limited space and loyalty to the old school storytelling tradition, still offered a degree of freedom in both gameplay and storytelling. The recently released Metro Exodus expands the horizons with open levels and, thanks to several plot points, offers 2 endings depending on the players' actions. Today we will dwell on this moment in more detail and tell you what decisions you need to make in order to get all the endings of Metro Exodus.

Without unnecessary spoilers, let us inform you that, as in previous games in the series, the final of the game directly depends on the number of killed characters. To get the best ending, it is recommended to avoid direct collisions with opponents and always act in good faith, choosing the most pacifist options for completing additional quests. For a person who ends the passage of Metro Exodus as a butcher, arranges a massive genocide of human characters and makes his way to the finale through a mountain of corpses - the ending in Metro Exodus will match and can cause nothing but a feeling of deep depression.

How to get a good ending for Metro Exodus

The content of the ending will most of all be influenced by your relationship with three characters - Damir, Alyosha and Prince. They can either die during the game, or simply not feel sympathy for Artyom and not help him at the most important moment of the game. Here, again, we recommend choosing the most peaceful tactics when playing through the game. For example, rescuing the pioneers in the camp at the Taiga location, otherwise Alyosha will grab a bullet at the end of the chapter, and therefore it will be difficult to come to a good and simply the best in Metro Exodus. Another important point is the storyline with church fanatics on the Volga, where the Prince will die if the game is too aggressive and all the characters are massacred.

Having made the right decisions in the final chapter, we will witness the death of Miller. You shouldn't worry too much about this, since his death will occur in any scenario of the game, but the further development of events already directly depends on the decisions of the player in Metro Exodus. Having received an extraordinary dose of radiation, Artyom is dying and the only way to save him is to perform a blood transfusion operation. If there are two of the three above-mentioned characters alive, then with Artyom's good deeds, you will see a good ending to the Metro Exodus - the characters will help the main character, save him from death and will be named the new head of the order. To be continued.

Metro Exodus good ending

How to get the Metro Exodus Bad Ending

To see the negative ending, we take completely different actions: we do not spare anyone, first we shoot, and then we ask questions and act as aggressively as possible. In this ending, Artyom does not receive the proper amount of blood during the transfusion and, under the sobs of his wife Anya, goes to a better world. The next scene takes us into a dying dope, where we see Khan, Bourbon and Miller, saying: "We did everything we could, and then let the living rake it!" And in the very finale of Metro Exodus, Anya and the main character's companions stand near the grave of Artyom and Melnik, promise that in spite of everything they will live on and accompany the deceased with a volley of weapons into the air. The End.

Metro Exodus Bad Ending

If you have finished the Metro Exodus, are not familiar with the previous parts of the series and do not mind once again being in the setting of post-apocalyptic USA, then we suggest watching the history of the Metro series.

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