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Why play Far Cry New Dawn? Everything you need to know before buying a game


Far Cry New Dawn is a traditional addon for the series, based on the previous major game. "New Dawn" with minor changes copies the map from Far Cry 5, does not provide really significant innovations, and the amount of plot content in the game is obscenely small, which was the reason for not the warmest reception of the game by the press. In light of such news, the obvious question is brewing - why still play Far Cry New Dawn? We decided to answer it, and at the same time talk about the five main features of the new Far Cry.

Toy post-apocalypse

As we remember, according to the endings of Far Cry 5, at the behest of the cultists, America met its doomsday - nuclear warheads generously rained down on pastoral meadows and forests of Montana, forcing the remnants of people to hide in shelters. Most surprisingly, after 17 years, humanity in New Dawn does not even try to imitate its fellow misfortunes from the Fallout series. It seems as if the nuclear apocalypse went almost unnoticed: wanderers travel around Hope County, raiders roam and new settlements of people are growing, not burdened with the difficulties of survival.

Why play Far Cry New Dawn? Everything you need know before buying the game

It is impossible to believe in the world of Far Cry New Dawn and, apparently, the developers did not even want to fully work out the topic of post-apocalypse, which creates the impression of its artificiality. It's a toy, if you will. In visual terms, the consequences of the recent apocalypse are betrayed only by the dilapidated buildings lopsided from the explosion and the main trend of this year is acid colors with all possible shades of pink. If you have a desire to see the atypical and most ridiculous post-apocalypse in history, then once you start playing Far Cry New Dawn, the game will surprise you. And by the way, not always in a pleasant way.

Fallout New Dawn

After playing New Dawn, we start to feel that Ubisoft loves and honors the Fallout series. That's just not a classic dilogy, but a Fallout sample of 2018. Like last year's "hit" Fallout 76, the new shooter will play a resource vacuum cleaner simulator. They are required both to upgrade your own settlement and weapons, and to open new secrets on the map. Such an approach may and does contribute to more motivation for exploring post-apocalyptic Montana, but perhaps for those players who prefer routine instead of elaborate quests.

Why play Far Cry New Dawn? Everything you need know before buying the game

The level system in Far Cry New Dawn is another hello from the developers for the Fallout series. If in Assassins Creed Odyssey you were driven to white heat when a covert assassination is not capable of destroying a high-level enemy, which destroyed attempts to play stealth, then get ready for a series of similar situations in Far Cry New Dawn. In this shooter, intensive gathering of resources for pumping the levels of the base and weapons is the only way to survive in the unfair conditions of the game set by the developers.

Treasure Hunt

You can get resources in many ways: explore the map, clear outposts according to the old and not very good tradition, look for treasures and participate in expeditionary raids outside the map. Let's talk about the last two ways to earn resources in Far Cry New Dawn. The developers have hidden the treasures in separate locations, where they allow the player to feel like a new generation of Indiana Jones. Shooting dummies fades into the background and the game begins to indulge in creativity, forcing to use the brain as intended and solve simple and rather exciting puzzles.

Why play Far Cry New Dawn? Everything you need know before buying the game

Expeditions are one of the best moments of the game, especially when completing missions in co-op, which guarantees double the level of fun. All expeditions in Far Cry New Dawn are completely optional and represent vast polygons with a huge number of opponents and valuable loot. Their main feature is the imagination with which the developers approached the elaboration of the locations. How do you, for example, the area with the crashed space satellite, the deserted expanses of the Navajo or the abandoned amusement park? Perhaps it is on expeditions that the game's artists paint the most impressive apocalyptic paintings.

Old comrades

As a direct sequel to the previous installment of Far Cry, New Dawn carries heavy artillery for anyone who loves Far Cry 5. The game skillfully exploits players' senses and lets you see familiar characters again. Time did not spare their appearance, but inside they are all the same caricatured, but damn charismatic personalities. Take the same Joseph Sid, who turned from a mad fanatic into a philosophizing old man. Even in such a humble role, he is many times more interesting than the new antagonists in the person of twin sisters, who appear only a few times per game.

Why play Far Cry New Dawn? Everything you need know before buying the game

Other familiar characters include the veteran of the Hurk series, the aging Grace Armstrong, the even crazier pastor Jerome, and the entire Rye family. Familiar characters are always ready to give some hilarious comments and are able to cause nostalgia, recalling past events and the main character of Far Cry 5. The abundance of fan service is one of the main advantages of the project and an obvious reason to download Far Cry New Dawn for fans of the previous game.

Learn what madness is

We will never tire of wondering how true and prophetic were the words of Vaasa from Far Cry 3, who said that insanity is the repetition of the same action, over and over again. After completing Far Cry New Dawn, we can confidently say that this is a truly insane game, and not due to the usual drug trips for a series, but due to the forced grinding of resources. It even seems that the system of enemy and weapon levels was created in order to keep the player longer at the screen and, if possible, siphon money out of him using the in-game store.

Why play Far Cry New Dawn? Everything you need know before buying the game

The problem is not only that, as in Odyssey, without the required level and equipment, skirmishes turn into a test of enemies, and at the same time your nerves for strength. The creators of Far Cry New Dawn went even further and to open the third, indisputably the best act, they require the player to pump all the buildings in their own settlement. We have probably never seen such a shameless attempt to stretch the duration of the game. Bravo Ubisoft, you definitely have no equal in terms of grinding.


The answer to the question of why to play Far Cry New Dawn is quite simple - if you liked the fifth part of the series, you want to see the continuation of the story with the Gates of Eden, then New Dawn will be a good buy, especially in a low price environment. For everyone else, we have a disappointing conclusion - the secondary nature of the game coming out of all the cracks, the low amount of story content and deliberate protractedness can hardly be a worthy reason to buy Far Cry New Dawn. Except for a discount on the Summer Sale.

For all players unfamiliar with Ubisodt shooters, take a look at the Far Cry series review. If you start getting to know the franchise, then for this purpose, "New Dawn" is not the best way.

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