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Guide Resident Evil 3 - How to defeat Nemesis at all stages of the game


Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 has hardly changed since the release of the original game - an ideal weapon that is always ready to meet the player with a threatening roar of "STARS" and treat him with a fist blow, not forgetting to fry him with a gulp from a flamethrower. And even despite the fact that, unlike Mr. X, Nemesis pursues the player only in the moments indicated by the plot, this does not make him a lesser threat. Each meeting with a mutant can be an unpleasant surprise, so this Resident Evil 3 guide is dedicated to Nemesis and will tell you in detail about the tactics of the boss fight.

For starters, the most obvious tip is to avoid openly confronting Nemesis at first. Physiological features endowed the mutant with impressive abilities to regenerate, so armed with standard weapons, even a rocket launcher, you should not count on the sudden death of Nemesis. The main tactic is to run away, but only if the game does not directly push you towards confrontation. However, in most cases, using weapons can temporarily incapacitate the boss, thereby buying yourself a little time to retreat.

Things to Know Before Fighting Nemesis in Resident Evil 3

Nemesis is a unique adversary that Capcom approached the creation of with a certain degree of sadism towards the player, rewarding the mutant with a lot of deadly features. For the sake of fairness, we note that Nemesis has not been without a number of shortcomings, so before meeting with him it will not be superfluous to know a few things:

  • Be prepared to dodge. Nemesis strikes are fast and extremely powerful, so always keep your finger on the dodge key regardless of the distance from the mutant. A timely dodge will not only save health, but also open a second window for an attack - this is the best moment to treat the boss with a well-aimed headshot;
Resident Evil 3 Guide - How to beat Nemesis at all stages of the game
  • Beware of combo attacks and tentacle grabs. The arsenal of abilities of Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 is constantly being added, but for almost the entire game he will use three techniques in close combat: a slow and fast attack with his fist, as well as pulling up with a tentacle. However, having avoided one blow, do not rush to relax - watch the subsequent animation of the enemy, since the mutant can make three punches at once with a minimum pause;
  • Running away is almost pointless. Apart from the initial encounter with Nemesis, it will be of little use if you decide to retreat from the battlefield without completely avoiding the battle. If the boss is not stunned, then he can jump ahead, at the same time immobilizing Jill, run towards the heroine as a sprinter, or pull her up with a tentacle as a hentai anime character;
  • Use the environment. Explosive barrels and power generators are your best friends in the game, which work great against both standard zombies and more massive opponents;
  • Don't forget about explosives. In case of the next appearance of Nemesis, it will not be superfluous to have at least one trump card in your sleeve - grenades or explosives, or even better, both together;
Resident Evil 3 Guide - How to beat Nemesis at all stages of the game
  • Aim for the head. Obviously, but once again it's worth repeating the obvious advice from Resident Evil 3: if you want to inflict maximum damage, shoot in the head. At the initial stages, 5 headshots from a shotgun are enough to incapacitate Nemesis for half a minute;
  • Weapon upgrades in Resident Evil 3. Defeating Nemesis is not an easy task, but sometimes it's worth taking the risk for a good reward. For example, already in the early stages of the game for defeating Nemesis, you can get two improvements on the G19 - an extended magazine and a silencer that increases the probability of critical damage;
  • When the boss is armed with a rocket launcher, watch the color indicator of the rocket launcher sight: orange - keep moving forward, red - the rocket is launched, which means it's time to hide for cover.

How to defeat Nemesis with a flamethrower

Throughout the passage of Resident Evil 3, the player in various locations will meet Nemesis 8 times, but only 4 of them will have to enter into an open confrontation, using all the ammunition against the mutant. Below we will cover all such cases, starting with the meeting of Nemesis armed with a flamethrower.

In all other encounters with Nemesis, there is no need to waste ammo, it is much more practical to use the environment against the boss if possible and try to retreat from the battlefield.

So, once on the roof with the Nemesis armed flamethrower, keep a few meters away from the mutant and are always on the move. The main goal is to shoot the fuel tank on the boss's back, for which we adhere to two tactics: either hiding from Nemesis, we cut circles around the building materials, going behind the mutant's back, or we paralyze for a few seconds, luring him to a sparking generator. One shot from a grenade launcher or a well-aimed grenade is enough to blow up a gas tank.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - How to beat Nemesis at all stages of the game

Then comes the second phase of the battle with Nemesis in Resident Evil 3, where the mutant, even having lost the flamethrower, does not cease to pose a danger at long distances. In general, the battle should not cause great difficulties, especially if by that time you still had explosives stored up for a rainy day in your inventory. Just beware of sprint attacks, which are previously accompanied by animation of a slight tilt of Nemesis towards Jill.

How to defeat Nemesis near the clock tower

If the past boss battle forced you to strain a little, then this time the mutant drink a lot of the player's blood due to the increased speed in the new animal form. Running away from the mutated Nemesis is useless, it is best to dodge when the boss attacks with normal blows and roll to the side, noticing how the beast prepares to jump. It will not be superfluous at the beginning of the battle to head for the northeastern part of the arena, where you can get supplies and sprays. Also remember about full ammunition SWAT vans.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - How to beat Nemesis at all stages of the game

Having inflicted enough damage on the boss, the second phase of the battle begins, where the beast acts with a slightly more intellectual approach: it runs in circles on the roofs of nearby buildings in circles, after which it sharply inflicts a series of blows and hides again. This time, the best tactic to defeat the boss in Resident Evil 3 Remake is to plant mines in his path and plant a shotgun clip into a stunned monster.

How to Defeat Nemesis at the NEST Lab

As you may have noticed, with each new meeting, the monster mutates additionally, trying with all its might to fulfill its mission - to destroy the members of the STARS squad. In the NEST laboratory, Nemesis appears before us in the already seen animal form, but with elongated arms, allowing to attack Jill from long distances.

The list of optimal weapons has hardly changed: grenade launcher, mines, shotgun and pistol. Most of all, be wary of two types of attacks: when Nemesis stands on its hind legs or freezes for a second, after which it attacks the player with a long tentacle. A few well-aimed shots and the first phase of the boss fight is over. The second phase may also seem familiar to you - the monster rushes across the battlefield and suddenly stops jumping overtaking the player.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - How to beat Nemesis at all stages of the game

In the second phase, the tactics of the battle with Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 are as follows: carefully monitor the movement of the mutant, listen to Carlos's advice and, having spotted the boss, shoot with a pistol at a nearby generator block glowing in red. Stunning the beast gives you a head start of 4 seconds, which is best used for throwing explosives at the boss.

How to beat the final boss

The final boss in Resident Evil 3 fully complies with all the canons of the series - before us is a giant and clumsy biomass, as if descended from the pages of magazines screaming about the dangers of GMOs. The battle itself is extremely simple, and is based on repeating the same actions: take the railgun behind Jill, shoot at Nemesis, immobilize him by shooting the yellow-glowing tumors on his body, recharge the railgun batteries, shoot again and repeat until the bitter end.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - How to beat Nemesis at all stages of the game

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