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”After Nemesis, Mr. X is Just a Little Brat”: Western Journalists' Opinion on Resident Evil 3 Remake


Not too long ago, Capcom finally gave Western journalists a two-hour game of Resident Evil 3 Remake and a review. The ban on the publication of the preview has been lifted, and now we can share with you the first details from the lips of the western game-magazine. In other words, here's what the Western media thinks about Resident Evil 3 Remake. Overall, they point out that while the game builds on many of the tweaks from the previous remake, it still feels like a franchise development project. And of course the main gem is Nemesis. But first things first.

Remake, but not quite

Another last game, Resident Evil 2 Remake, deviated from the original source and allowed itself many liberties. The third part will also do this. Capcom themselves have already said that the upcoming game will be much more independent. GameSpot confirms these words, and emphasizes that Capcom has done a great job of reimagining Raccoon City.

“At the beginning of my demonstration, I was immediately thrown into Raccoon City, where a wave of chaos and death went through. Like RE 2, the third installment reimagines the original game. The circumstances and goals are similar to their original counterparts, but everything between them is fundamentally different.


Raccoon City in RE3 is larger in scale than the maze in RE2, but even the streets still feel like tight, dangerous corridors that can trap me, as if punishing my self-confidence and curiosity. Within minutes, I walked through a couple of lanes and shops such as a drugstore and a 50s donut shop inspired by the era. The diverse neighborhoods already set the new Raccoon City apart from the ruined and gray city that was in the original.

Fear and panic gripped me in my attempts to navigate each area, making exploring Raccoon City unpredictable and always interesting. Corpses were scattered in the streets, but I was wondering if anyone would stand up to attack? What about other threats that I couldn't readily accept? These ambiguities gave me the same feeling as the original on the PS1. But the reimagined moments of RE3 also kept me on my toes. "- GameSpot.

IGN's review also highlights this point. According to journalists, the game feels huge, and all the buildings are interactive, but you feel claustrophobic. IGN hopes that this approach won't cause navigation problems for gamers.

Plus, journalists note that the characters have become much more alive and the same Carlos is not just a piece of cardboard, but a person with character. True, Nikolai's USA accent still leaves much to be desired.

New action, same horror

Despite the zombie setting, we will not meet hordes of the dead in the game. At its core, RE3 Remake stays true to itself and doesn't forget that it's a horror. At the same time, the game, as promised by the developers, brought more action.

Do not think, the limited supply of ammunition and the emphasis on resource management, as it was, and remains, but now there are barrels all over the city that can be detonated along with opponents.


Also, the game has finally introduced the mechanics of dodging an attack, and if you dodge at the right moment, the time will slow down a little, which will allow you to orient yourself and even counterattack. There are plenty of retreat options on the streets to help you hide if the ammo is getting really bad. The game always presents you with a choice - run or fight, which is at odds with RE2, which was slower in terms of pace. Right there you are always in motion and see your threat, the problem is that you are unlikely to be able to resist.

Frightful Nemesis

But of course, the main trump card of the game, as noted by all publications, is Nemesis. And if it was difficult for you with Mister X, then in comparison with the new tyrant, he is just a darling. Here's what VGS24 says about him:

“Nemesis is a clumsy, invincible enemy who wants to hunt you down and kill you. Much of the tension in the game does not come from zombies, but from the constant threat of Nemesis jumping from a height or breaking through a wall to kill you.


This sounds familiar to those who played the second part. But despite the brilliance of Mr. X in RE2 Remake, Capcom clearly hasn't exhausted all its trickery with this reimagining, as Nemesis feels completely different. He's meaner, more merciless, smarter, scarier and haunts you right away.

Nemesis is similar to Mr. X in that he will haunt you, and you will know this, as his footsteps are always heard. However, he is an advanced mutant. He can't just be fooled by running around rooms to be confused. ”- VGS24.


IGN says that he is really stressful as he doesn't just follow you, he can run, shoot you, and grab with his tentacle. True, all editions highlight the boring and classic arena boss fight that happens between Jill and Nemesis on a rooftop surrounded by fire.

Plus, according to IGN, other enemies have also changed. For example, toxic critters that lived in the sewers under the police station only in water can now walk on two legs. In general, the monsters look much more disgusting.

Fast forward

After two hours of playing, Resident Evil 3 leaves behind a pleasant feeling. Action, Nemesis, and open Raccoon City are the major changes to the game, and you've already seen everything else in the last installment. And it is not surprising that there are not many changes, because, according to the developer, they created two games in parallel, but with the difference that the remake of the third part began to be made later than the remake of the second.


But even though Resident Evil 3 Remake is distinguished by these three components, they are already captivating and make you want to play.

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