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Guessing: What do we know about Resident Evil 8 and other RE games?


Recently, an insider AestheticGamer tracking rumors related to horror games revealed several new rumors about Resident Evil 8. We briefly talked about them in the news, but now we will completely analyze and try to guess what we know about Resident Evil 8 from rumors.

RE 8 and other games

He started his Twitter thread with the information that we should wait for the release of the game for a very long time:

“[…] The first version of RE8 has been in development since late 2016, but was paused in 2017 due to the need for more hands free for the RE7 and RE2 DLCs. However, there was a RE8 version that has been worked on for several years.


Alas, it was actually officially canceled, and the project was restarted only 6-7 months ago, so the "final" version of RE8 has not even been in development for a whole year. They are using some of the work of an excellent project for the current job, but don't expect to see RE8 anytime soon. ”

He also said that Resident Evil 3 will be the last remake and the return of the classics is not expected in the future. However, in the future we will see two new remake projects on RE Engine for other franchises. But most importantly, the studio is preparing a new game based on the RE franchise, and at the same time, it is neither a remake nor a sequel.

Hearing that Resident Evil 8 has been canceled and relaunched is unsurprising given Capcom's development methods. It's a classic tactic for a studio to change concepts on the fly. For example, Resident Evil 2 at one time was almost finished before the developers decided to completely abandon the concept in favor of the final version. Resident Evil 4 also went through 3 different changes, and one of the variants of the game even turned into Devil May Cry. Experiments led RE7 to a first-person horror experience. Even the remake of the second part, which followed the original story and that has undergone a bunch of changes.


But what's more interesting is the new Resident Evil title that AestheticGamer refers to as something new. Capcom had already indirectly announced the game earlier in an email to Ambassador's Club, where RE fans were invited to test the new project. It's worth remembering that when they did this before, it turned out that people were testing Resistance, which will be in Resident Evil 3 Remake as a multiplayer mode. And perhaps a project awaits us again, in which we will see a cooperative.

Some are speculating that this will be RE: Revelation 3, which even makes sense. Both parts of Revelation had a different online co-op, although not for a story company, but for a separate mode. Revelation 3 may well follow suit.

Dino Crisis - to be or not to be?

Another important detail from the leak is information about two more games that will be relaunched by the company based on RE Engine. Many people immediately began to suspect that one of them was Dino Crisis, a remake of which fans have been waiting for a very long time. After the third not the best part, which lost all the good that was in the original game, we have not heard anything about the franchise.


Even Capcom's official Twitter account has stated that they will return it if enough people want to. Unfortunately, AestheticGamer dropped a bomb on fans, revealing that it was not Dino Crisis. Shitty, but what to do. But after that he added information about what the phrase about “one more project that we will see soon” means

“This game was originally supposed to be unveiled alongside RE3 at E3, but the announcement was delayed due to various planning changes from Sony and Capcom. I don't know exactly when Capcom will release the game. But I am sure, as it was originally planned to show last year and release this year, albeit with a long delay, it is very likely that the project will be disclosed quite soon. ”

This game may be a Sony exclusive.

RE 8: Castle, wolves and nostalgia


The action will unfold in a certain village, and then it will be transferred to an ancient castle located in the mountainous terrain of Europe. We have to fight with zombies, creatures similar to a wolf, as well as a new stalker: a certain female shadow that will disappear and appear. Also, Chris Redfield will somehow be woven into the plot, and the number 8 will not be in the title, instead the game will be called somehow, a quote: "clever".

If we take this information at face value, it might seem like Resident Evil 8 will follow the same path of nostalgia as RE7. In Resident Evil 7, there was a mansion that refers to the first game. RE6 also dabbled in nostalgia, returning to the Raccoon City virus outbreak. Resident Evil 8, as you can see from the description, will blow the nostalgia of Resident Evil 4 fans. The opponents also look like those presented in the previous game.

AestheticGamer refers to the "wolf" as werewolves, and apparently describes the shadow as "a witch." Regardless, he is firmly convinced that this is not the final version of Resident Evil 8. He is confident that as the game is just beginning to fully develop, the concept may change again.

He also heard that Chris, like Leon, Claire and Jill, received a redesign.


As a result, we can now say the following:

  • Resident Evil 8 has been in production for several years, but a lot has changed in the studio, and the project split at some point in its development. One of these projects is likely to be the original Resident Evil 8, and the other is not a numbered offshoot like Code: Veronica or Revelation.
  • The version in which the castle appears may be a spin-off, while Resident Evil 8 continues to be refined.
  • We could see official information in the next few weeks during Sony events, and the upcoming Ambassador tests will be for this game.

So far, these are all rumors about the new Resident Evil that we have.

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