Cartoons based on Mortal Kombat and Cuphead, rumors about Resident Evil 8 - game news digest # 1.04 from Cadelta. Part Two (Topic)

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Cartoons based on Mortal Kombat and Cuphead, rumors about Resident Evil 8 - game news digest # 1.04 from Cadelta. Part Two


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Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's revenge trailer released

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's revenge is a full-length cartoon based on the fighting game series. The trailer for the movie was published by IGN.

According to the plot, the fate of the planet depends on the battle between the fighters of the earth and the outside world. Raiden, known as the protector of Earth, gathers his team of fighters to fight Shang Tsung and his minions. In other words, the cartoon retells the first part of Mortal Kombat and also focuses on the origin of Scorpio.

The film is slated for release this spring.

Amateur stop-motion cartoon by Cuphead

It is a known fact that the authors of Cuphead were inspired by old Disney cartoons during the creation of their project. It turned out very funny that now the adventures of Cuphead and Magman inspire people to create cartoons about them. One of these people is a user under the nickname Davy Productions, who created a short stop-motion cartoon based on the game.

It is called Chaotic Casino and retells the entire plot of the game, how two brothers lost at the casino and owed the devil. It takes only one and a half minutes, but it took the author four months to create it. In it he used themed toys from McFarlance Toys.

The cartoon was seen by the developers from Studio MDHR and said on their Twitter that it was something indescribable and cool.

Let us remind you that the official Cuphead cartoon is created by the efforts of Netflix and King Features, and will be called The Cuphead Show! The premiere date is still unknown. The original authors of the game are not working on its creation, in turn they are making The Delicious Last Course add-on.

Rumors of Resident Evil 8

In the last digest, we wrote about the Residence of Evil: Vigil project from the authors of the Residence of Evil channel, which is dedicated to horror and the RE series. This time they gave us new rumors about the next part of Resident Evil. This information was confirmed by Eurogamer and the insider AestheticGamer. But first things first.

We will play the story again for Ethan - the main character of the seventh part of RE, and in accordance with this, we will again have a first-person camera. This was confirmed by Eurogamer, citing its own sources close to Capcom.


The action will unfold in a certain village, and then it will be transferred to an ancient castle [hello, Resident Evil 4], located in the mountainous areas of Europe. We have to fight with zombies, creatures similar to wolkalak, as well as with a new stalker: a certain female shadow that will disappear and appear. Chris Redfield will also be woven into the plot.

Insider AestheticGamer, who previously talked about rumors about Silent Hill, says on Twitter that the release is not coming soon. Allegedly, they began to create it in 2016, but then the work began, as the developers threw all their efforts into creating Resident Evil 2 Remake and additions for the seventh part.


And now, six months ago, the development was restarted, but they did not start from scratch, but using the developments of the original project. Also, using his mystical insider abilities, AestheticGamer predicts the following future for Capcom:

  • Resident Evil 3 Remake will be the last remake of the series
  • Capcom is going to revive a couple more projects with the new Re Engine [hopefully it's Dino Crisis]
  • Another Resident Evil game is in development and it is neither a remake nor an eighth part. It will be released in 2021

Konami indirectly confirmed rumors about Silent Hill

Last week, the same AestheticGamer told us that Konami is preparing two Silent Hill games at once and these are not even pachinko machines. The publisher has partially confirmed the information.


They sent out a message to media outlets saying they could not comment on anything, but are listening to fan feedback and considering ways to release the next installment of their game.

And here the situation is twofold, on the one hand we were not given direct evidence, but the publisher did not refute the rumors, which gives us two options:

A) This is just such a wording and there is nothing in it.

B) Konami is still working on reviving the series.

Personally, I am for the second option. Plus, the Eurogamer employee once again fueled our imagination. According to her, the relationship between Kojima and Konami is improving, and perhaps his studio as a developer will return to Silent Hills.

But these are just rumors. Unfortunately, in recent years Konami has not been interested in new games at all, and since the release of the last MGS, it has only been busy supporting and releasing Pro Evolution Soccer.

Sapkowski advises against expecting something great from the next seasons of The Witcher from Netflix

Andrzej Sapokwski was recently interviewed by the guys from io9, where the author of The Witcher book series, in his usual manner, spoke about many things, including the future series from Netflix.

The author of the blog asked how Sapkowski felt about the news that the series was extended for seven seasons. He responded by quoting British science fiction writer Joe Abercrombie that life is complete crap and nothing good can be expected. Therefore, it is necessary to moderate expectations and then we will be pleasantly surprised.


Also in an interview, Sapkowski admitted that he doesn’t seem to care that the series attracted a new audience to his work, and also said that he hates working.

If you want to know more about Andrzej Sapkowski and his role in the gaming industry, read our translation of the material, which reveals the personality of this person.

House House will donate 1% of its profits to Australian Aborigines

Untitled Goose Game is the brainchild of Australian studio House House. She joined the Pay the Rent movement, which raises money for Australian aborigines who suffered during the colonization of the continent.

The studio said this on its Twitter account, saying that they had created a game on stolen land, which belonged to the Vuruntieri tribe. In the future, they will pay at least 1% of their income. The money will go to the same Vuruntieri tribe, as well as the Seed Mod, which is fighting against the climate.


The game was bought more than a million times last year, so the studio can clearly afford the expense.

This was all weekend news, stay tuned.

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