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3 Things We Expect From Resident Evil [Cadelta Horror Month]


Capcom have been surprising us lately, especially Resident Evil. It would seem that after the sixth part and the spin-offs, the series bent, but then Resident Evil 7 came out, then the ramaster of the first part, and then a remake of the second. Fairy tale and hitting the target three times in a row. We were all waiting for something equally cool, because there were rumors about an unannounced project, but at the Tokyo Game Show we were presented with Project Resisnets ... This, of course, is not exactly what we expected, but not some Diablo Immortal either. In any case, we are infected with the T-virus in a new way, and we yearn for more. We've rounded up 3 things to look forward to in the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake

After the announcement of REmake 2, the studio acted as if they initially knew the game was going to be cool and sold in huge numbers. Well, they seemed to be looking into the water, when the remake of the second part finally came out earlier this year, we were in awe. This was shown by both positive reviews from the major gaming media and sales of 4 million copies a month later.

Even before the release of the new RE2, Capcom assured us that if we really want a remake of the third part, then everything is in our hands. Like, show your interest - we will do everything. Hopefully these hints of 4 million copies sold [this number is probably higher today] are bold enough.


Although Resident Evil 3 will never be able to reach the level of its predecessor, it certainly became a cult one because of its main boss - Nemesis, and Jill Valentine's blue T-shirt and black skirt became the same legendary way as Lara's original bow Croft from the game series.

And although the remake of the third game will certainly undergo the same overhaul as the remake of the second game, its main feature will be just the same Nemesis. It is his presence that will put pressure on the nostalgia of oldfags and will definitely impress new players. Plus, we could get Raccoon City more open to explore.

The game had a pretty good script, but after a couple of playthroughs, you could guess where to expect Nemesis' attack. A comparison with the seventh game and Jack Baker, whose appearance, on the contrary, is very difficult to predict, immediately suggests itself. I think Capcom can take advantage of this past experience to return greatness to their most legendary stalker. We've already seen how the studio did it with Mr. X, and he could only move viciously at you. Now imagine Nemesis armed with a machine gun, able to run, jump and throw various objects. And we are not talking about changes to the original story, as was the case with REmake 2.


We cannot yet talk about whether the game will be released, but for some reason it seems that it will happen. If not next year, so surely in the 21st.

Resident Evil 8

Another thing we're looking forward to from the Resident Evil series is of course a sequel. However, here it is worthwhile to understand that the sequel is probably being developed, because the producer of the game John Takeshi spoke about this in the video dedicated to the creation of Resident evil 7. According to him, the eighth part is being developed, but it will be radically different from the seventh, although it will retain the traditional spirit of the series.

This vagueness gave fans room for a flight of imagination and the creation of a variety of theories, ranging from the fact that the next part will be developed under the leadership of Shinji Mikami, who said that he would return if called, ending with the fact that a VR project awaits us.


The main thing to clarify is that guessing about the plot or setting of RE 8 is disastrous, because every time we were in for a surprise. If you remember the past parts of the series, they were all, one way or another, completely different. However, you can try to guess who we will play for. While RE7 has focused on being the starting point for new players [separating itself from the main numbered storyline], it looks like this will be a great chance for a classic hero to lead RE8. Perhaps it will be Jill Valentine again, which we have not seen in the serial number after the fifth part. There she ended up in a rehabilitation center and this is a good opportunity to play with her psyche, insert hallucinations of the RE 7 level into the game or do something similar to the pursuit of the past like Dead Space 2.


It's not clear when the game will be released, perhaps in a year or even two, but we can say for sure that the series is profitable and the game is being developed.

More remasters

Maybe this point seems obvious given that I have been describing for a long time how we are waiting for a remake of the third part, but there are still many other projects besides it. So, let them make remakes of everything, or at least remasters. In the past, the company was lucky with this, which showed the success of remasters of the first, zero and fourth parts. And given that Capcom is actively continuing this topic with the remasters of DMC and Ace Attorney, they have no reason to stop.


A bunch of spin-offs are waiting for the company to update and release them to the public. While games like RE3 seem obvious to a remake, there has also been a call from fans for a re-release of Code: Veronica. Another favorite that players would like to see in HD is Outbreak and its sequel. The two Outbreak games are simple but well ahead of their time. Alas, they suffered from the fact that they came out on PS2 without access to online. I also want to note Operation Raccoon City, despite the bad reviews, it sold well. Capcom also once said that it would not mind redesigning RE1 a second time, but larger.


And yes, the Nintendo Switch plays an important role in today's console market and is undoubtedly a great playground for the ports of Resident Evil.


I'm sure the future of Resident Evil will be great. The series is back on top, it has potential and a lot of material to work with. Add to this that the franchise itself is moving in a new direction, and there was even information that a new picture would be filmed for Reza. We're ready for the next horror, and at least we have three things to expect from Resident Evel.

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Author: Jake Pinkman