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Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse


Just a year after the release of Resident Evil 2, another foray into Raccoon City, teeming with the undead, awaits. It's time to load your trusty shotgun, grab your flashlight and get ready for an adventure full of danger. But first, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the rules of survival in a zombie apocalypse, which we will dwell on in detail in the guide to Resident Evil 3. Despite the familiar gameplay concept, RE3 is actually very different from last year's remake, so the old rules of survival may not work like that effectively.

1.Use power generators and explosive barrels

Despite the increased share of action, RE3 is trying not to deviate much from the survival-horror canons of the genre, which sooner or later will result in a shortage of cartridges and first-aid kits. Obviously, saving resources in this game will not be superfluous, especially if you started Resident Evil 3 on a high difficulty level. In order not to waste all the ammunition for nothing, we recommend using the environment at any convenient moment and shooting at generators and explosive barrels. Generators stun opponents and recharge over time, while barrels do significant damage, but can only be used once.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Zombie Survival Rules - apocalypse

Also, do not forget about one of the main life hacks that help to arrange a massive genocide of zombies - maneuver the level, dodge attacks and gather opponents into small squads. Then bring them to the nearest barrel and send the dead back to Hell with a well-aimed shot at explosives.

2. Don't forget the knife

Unlike Leon and Claire, Gill in Resident Evil 3 Remake managed to find a non-breaking knife that should be used in any incomprehensible situation. For example, a zombie fell to the ground, and you do not know if he is dead or alive? There is no need to waste ammo, finish it off with a knife. In addition, the knife shows itself well as a melee weapon, if, of course, you are quick enough and can avoid grabs and attacks of opponents.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Zombie Survival- apocalypse

3.Grenades are the best weapon against hunters

Hunters, we admit, are one of the most problematic mutants in Resident Evil 3. Tenacious, fast and too strong, they can cause, if not panic, then at least extreme discomfort every time they appear. However, when you find the optimal tactics for fighting them, the hunters immediately cease to pose a serious threat, so we offer the following tips in Resident Evil 3 - use grenades against hunters. Shrapnel kills them at once, and the stun one will immobilize them for exactly as long as it takes to kill them with conventional weapons.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Zombie Survival- apocalypse

Separately, we note the vulnerable points on the body of mutants, which help to quickly destroy the hunters. Shoot in the mouth to kill the gamma version and aim for the head in the beta version.

4. Don't be afraid to fight Nemesis

Fast, powerful, able to wield a tentacle and has ammunition that can destroy a small army - Nemesis was created in order to evoke a feeling of fear and pull the player out of their comfort zone. And even if the game pushes in every possible way to the fact that in the event of a boss appearance it is best to get away with it, almost at every meeting the player can defeat Nemesis in Resident Evil 3. All you need to do is dodge in time, use the environment and have a rich ammunition reserve. Having inflicted enough damage to the boss, he only slows down for a short period of time, but after defeating him again, you can almost always count on the drop of useful bonuses and unique items.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Zombie Survival- apocalypse

5. Navigate the map while exploring the levels

As before, one of the most important parts of the game is a meticulous study of levels for first aid kits, ammunition, upgrades and collectibles. A good assistant in the study of levels is a map on which important items are marked. Of course, not all items are carefully indicated on the map, but there is a little secret that greatly simplifies exploration - pay attention to the color in which the zones on the map are painted. Blue - the location has been cleared, red - useful items are left on the location.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Zombie Survival- apocalypse

6. If you can't open something, come back later

During the exploration of locations, the player with enviable regularity will stumble upon safes, boxes and doors, which, due to the lack of a key, lockpick or combination, he cannot open. In such cases, you can examine the location a little more closely, but you shouldn't go so far as fanaticism. The storyline of the game will force you to go through most of the levels again, and by that time, most likely, you will be able to find the necessary items to unlock the caches in the level.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Zombie Survival- apocalypse

Let's supplement the Resident Evil 3 Remake guide with an interesting observation that should also be taken into account when exploring. Passwords for all locks in the police station are identical to those in last year's remake of Resident Evil 2.

7. The Shotgun is the Best Weapon Against Drain Deimos

Drain Deimos are one of the most disgusting representatives of the fauna of Raccoon City, possessing high speed and the ability to climb the ceiling. The best way to combat such an infection is a good old shotgun, one shot from which not only kills DD on the spot, but due to the wide spread of the shot, the likelihood of getting into a moving deimos drain significantly increases.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Zombie Survival- apocalypse

8. Dodge wisely

The game Resident Evil 3 Remake, following the precepts of the original, introduced the mechanics of evasion, allowing you to avoid attack or capture of enemies. The most important rule is to correctly guess the moment for dodging, which will allow you not only to maintain health or get away from cornered zombies, but also to inflict a bonus blow, the window for which opens when the movement is perfectly executed. At the same time, continuing the tips for passing Resident Evil 3, we do not recommend the crane to mindlessly click on the dodge key. Use the mechanics wisely, because there is a great chance to get directly into the clutches of enemies or expose yourself to the blow because of a second character pause after activating evasion.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Zombie Survival- apocalypse

9. Combine different types of gunpowder and herbs

Following good tradition, Resident Evil 3 allows you to play a chemist, mixing various ingredients of gunpowder and plants to get useful items. Of course, no one bothers to constantly stir ordinary gunpowder in order to get cartridges for a pistol or shotgun, but at higher difficulty levels it will not be superfluous to experiment a little with crafting. There are three types of gunpowder in the game: A, B and C. The first are pistol cartridges, the second are for a shotgun, and the third is obtained from mixing A and B, resulting in explosive cartridges that can be mixed with ordinary cartridges in the following combinations:

  • A and C are incendiary cartridges
  • B and C - acid cartridges
  • C and C are freezing cartridges
  • C and C and C - revolver cartridges

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

In addition to combining gunpowder in Resident Evil 3, you can and should mix different types of herbs to get first aid kits. Herbs are divided into three types: green (healing), red (increases the effectiveness of healing), blue (heals poison).

10. Speed is important in QTE

Let's finish the Resident Evil 3 guide at a point that should be taken into account immediately before starting the game. Unlike Resident Evil 2, zombie captures cannot be parried in the new game. One way or another, you will be grabbed and inflicted damage, the amount of which directly depends on the speed of pressing the keys during the activation of QTE.

Resident Evil 3 Guide - 10 Rules for Zombie Survival- apocalypse

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