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Joe Carnahan begins work on Nemesis


Joe Carnahan has begun work on the script for a movie based on the graphic novel Nemesis by Mark Millar. The director himself announced this on his Twitter page.

“My brother and I took on Nemesis. The script is going to be a monster, ”he wrote. According to Carnahan, the scope will be on the "Dark Knight Trilogy" franchise. Note that Joe Carnahan will combine the posts of scriptwriter and director in the project.

Earlier, Mark Millar said that he would like to see Tony Scott in the role of director, but the sudden death of the director put an end to this plan.

Recall that the plot of Nemesis is built around eccentric billionaire Matt Anderson, whose whole life, as in the case of Bruce Wayne, she is subject to revenge for her parents murdered many years ago. The difference in his story lies only in the fact that Anderson's parents were villains, and he himself is a supervillain.

In the Millar comic, Anderson travels to Washington to take revenge on Police Chief Blake Morrow, who shot and killed his parents during the arrest. Liam Neeson is expected to play the role of the latter.

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Author: Jake Pinkman