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5 Reasons to Wait for Resident Evil 3 - Best Game 2020 Candidate


Last year's Resident Evil 2 remake was a good example from Capcom for the entire industry how to approach remakes. In addition to the updated graphics, the developers managed to modernize the original concept, breathing new life into the game twenty years ago, which naturally turned into an admirable reception of the game by the gaming community. Coming out soon remake of Resident Evil 3 has every chance of not just repeating, but even surpassing the success of its predecessor. It's not an easy task, but the upcoming horror game has at least five trump cards in hand, which can also be called the main reasons to wait for the game.

New game, old name

As in the case of Resident Evil 2, the third part is not limited to increased frequency and texture tightening to more or less modern standards. Instead, Capcom decided to rethink the iconic project, retaining the basic concept of the plot and locations of the game, but significantly redrawing almost all of its elements. The main reason for the innovation is the desire to add depth to both story and gameplay compared to the original 1999 version.

What kind of plot branches will be remade in Capcom is still unknown, but the developers managed to confirm that they will try to reveal in more detail the characters that Jill will meet in Raccoon City. For example, Carlos will be given a little more attention, and he, in turn, will become more active in flirting with Jill. But the really significant changes the old-timers of the series should expect from the structure of the levels. Many of the streets of the infected city can be easily recognized, but at the same time the locations will become wider, which will make Raccoon City a more realistic and confusing place. Puzzles are another aspect that will undergo a total overhaul in the remake.

5 reasons to wait for Resident Evil 3 - Best Game Candidate 2020 year

More levels, more zombies, more action

The original Resident Evil 3, along with the change of scene to the streets of Raccoon City, brought to the series slightly more spacious levels, even more hungry hordes of zombies and, of course, action. The remake is not going to deviate from the original formula, multiplying it by the gameplay familiar from last year's Resident Evil 21. Don't worry, without convulsive counting of cartridges, saving medicinal herbs for a "rainy day" and snatching out silhouettes of slowly scurrying zombies with a trembling flashlight, the game will not do, except that it will give the protagonist more mobility by further multiplying the number of enemies at levels.

Jill is not from a timid dozen, and therefore, unlike her predecessors, has learned to effectively evade attacks and captures of opponents. If successful, you rejoice at the saved health and the opportunity to plant a pound of lead in the enemy carcass during rapid speed, and in case of failure you become food for zombies, because from now on the knife does not work as a blocker of enemy captures. Perhaps many Resident Evil 2 fans are not happy with the dodging mechanics, but given the increased number of zombies who are more willing to climb over obstacles and strive to surround Jill, the increased mobility will benefit the gameplay of Resident Evil 3.

5 reasons to wait for Resident Evil 3 - Best Game Candidate 2020 year


Zombies, Raccoon City itself and even Jill are actually only minor characters, because the main star of Resident Evil 3, exactly like 21 years ago, will be the incomparable Nemesis. A monstrous result of experiments, an ideal weapon and a guy from the category "I see the goal - I go to the goal, no matter what the cost." If in Resident Evil 2 Mr. X has become a nightmare for you, then Nemesis, which works on a similar principle, compared to him is nothing but horror in reality.

Unlike its counterpart from the second part of Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake, it is much more agile, does not hesitate to switch to sprint, is ready to grab with a tentacle, fry with a flamethrower and overtake a couple of steps with a dexterous jump. And if this is not enough, then every appearance of Nemesis, due to the surprise, will become a regular replenishment of adrenaline hormones for the player. However, although Nemesis is designed to tickle the nerves of the players, the developers chose not to make an absolutely invulnerable death machine out of it. As in the original game, with due diligence and ammunition, you can calm the mutant for a while, getting useful bonuses from his smoldering carcass.

5 reasons to wait for Resident Evil 3 - Candidate for the best game of 2020

Beautiful like never before

Phrases from the category “it was better before” are not always relevant, especially when it comes to game graphics, and the remake of Resident Evil 3 on PC and consoles is the best proof of this. The latest version of the RE Engine, advanced visual effects and extremely realistic pictures using photogrammetry technology guarantee an excellent immersion experience in the apocalyptic night metropolis drowning in hopelessness and danger.

The effect of being in Raccoon City can be multiplied by two if the player managed to catch the original Resident Evil 3. To catch a charge of nostalgia from such familiar, but much prettier scenery is one of the best feelings that remakes of a cult classic can give. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the modern picture and the new lighting model have a positive effect on the atmosphere of the game, from neon signs to impenetrable sewers with creatures hiding in the darkness - Raccoon City is simultaneously frightening and beautiful as never before.

5 Reasons to Wait Resident Evil 3 - Best Game Candidate 2020 year

Resident Evil: Resistance Multiplayer

The lack of a multiplayer mode was one of the main reasons for piracy of last year's game. Apparently, Capcom realized this, offering gamers a separate multiplayer game if they decide to buy Resident Evil 3. An attraction of unprecedented generosity, because of which Resident Evil: Resistance wants to be perceived as a bonus gift to the originally finished game, which allows a somewhat condescending refer to multiplayer mode.

On the other hand, from the lips of Western critics who have played Resident Evil: Resistance, you hear mostly compliments about the game, so not everything is so simple. At least the concept is quite interesting: a company of four players selects various operators with unique skills, and then makes its way through a location full of dangers, where the fifth player takes on the role of the game director. He activates a trap, creates barricades, releases monsters, and generally does his best to spoil the life of a team of operatives.

5 Reasons to Wait Resident Evil 3 - Best Game Candidate 2020 year

Resident Evil 3, which is scheduled for release on April 3 this year, is likely to be another big hit in Capcom's treasury. After the last remake, we have no doubts about the quality of the upcoming game, which is in danger of competing for the prize of the best game of 2020. But if you doubt it, we remind you that before the release, each player will be able to download Resident Evil 3 for free as a trial demo version.

In the meantime, you are expecting a new horror from Capcom, we suggest passing the time for the main games of March 2020, among which there are several significant releases.

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