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The owner of the famous DDoS service was caught using pizza


One of the largest services, Quantum Stresser, whose founder carried out a DDoS attack on customer orders, no longer exists. For a long time, its owner managed to successfully evade punishment, but the hacker betrayed himself by performing a simple action that ultimately became fatal for him.

Dangerous dish

Hiding from justice for about six years, hacker David Bukoski from American Pennsylvania, who is also the owner of a service where it was possible to order a DDoS attack, made a mistake. He was found after a 24-year-old computer genius ordered his favorite bacon pizza. This turned out to be enough to figure out his real address, as Bukoski made his order from the same email address that his Quantum Stresser website was registered to.


During his entire career, Bukoski made only one mistake - he used the wrong email address when ordering food online. By that time, the email address was on the black list of a number of companies through which the hacker received royalties from customers, ordered advertising for his website and showed other activities, after which the email came to the attention of the FBI.

DDoS Business

David Bukoski organized one of the most ambitious projects with the help of which a DDoS attack was carried out on various sites. Customers placed an order, paid for a service, and the hacker did the necessary actions. According to statistics, more than 50 thousand such attacks were implemented with the participation of Quantum Stresser in 2018. Among the victims were both various companies and individuals. The geography of actions covered the entire world space.

The young hacker turned 16 when in 2012 the DDoS service he created started its work. Later, Quantum Stresser entered the list of the largest resources. At the end of 2018, as part of an operation carried out by the special services, the service, along with other similar sites, was closed. By that time, Bukoski's project had more than 80,000 subscribers.

The owner of the DDoS website made an unsuccessful Internet order several months before the liquidation of the project. The FBI did not disclose all the details of how they managed to get on the trail of the cybercriminal, although Bukoski admitted to being directly connected with Quantum Stresser only in early 2020. Another piece of evidence not in his favor was the complete history of the browser, which for some reason he did not delete.

Despite the admission of guilt, Bukoski managed to get rid of the prison sentence. As a punishment, he received a suspended sentence and several months of house arrest. The health of the 24-year-old hacker "helped" to escape prison - the presence of several serious illnesses influenced the commutation of the sentence.

And again pizza

More than one hacker has suffered from the love of the popular Italian dish. For example, in 2012, ordering a pizza led to the capture of Internet attacker Yuri Konovalenko, who is related to the Zeus network. By that time, it contained several million computers, with the help of which a group of hackers managed to steal more than $ 100 million.

The cybercriminal was caught in the same way as David Bukoski. To order food, Konovalenko used an email address that had already come to the attention of the special services. Thus, he indicated his real location. Later, the people involved in the arrest of the hacker invented the nickname Veggi Roma - that was the name of the dish he ordered.


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