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Clean up the registry. Program


Application text: Hello, how can I clean the registry from unnecessary files and records?

To clean the registry, you can use the Wise Registry Cleaner (WRC) program, number 4 indicates the version of the program. There is a free version of the program (Free) and a paid version - (Pro). The Pro version includes a large number of settings to optimize the system. Check out the full list of differences between the Free and Pro versions here. Wise Registry Cleaner Free belongs to the class of free software. You can download the program from the official site Wise Registry Cleaner (WRC)

Program installation:

At the beginning of the installation, the program offers a choice of preferred language. In this case, I have chosen USA. After that, you are greeted by the installation wizard: click "Next", then you need to agree with the terms of the license agreement, after which a window appears, in which you are asked to enter your email address for additional information and updates. Despite the fact that USA was selected during the installation, this message is written in English (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Suggestion for specifying an email address Fig. 1 Suggestion to specify an email address

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