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Oppo is preparing a smartphone that does not need a cellular network


In the possible future, the Oppo smartphone will be able to do without the support of a mobile operator. The company introduced the proprietary MeshTalk protocol, with which you can send SMS or make a call without using a regular cell station. The technology is based on the P2P method - this is a network within which the devices maintain communication with each other like walkie-talkies.

Among the key characteristics of Oppo's MeshTalk technology, in addition to a decentralized method of communication outside the cellular network, is the distance of the transmitted signal - subscribers can communicate with each other from a distance of 3000 meters. In essence, the technology is a P2P network that does not need base stations, servers or other intermediary devices. We can say that the new technology turns a smartphone into a modern telephone with a walkie-talkie and thereby gives maximum privacy to calls between interlocutors.

Technically, MeshTalk is designed as a module, which is separately built into the system board of the device. He needs a minimum resource during signal transmission, and in a quiet mode at the time of his activity, the phone's charge can work up to 72 hours. In addition, the gadget does not need additional power consumption to find the basic cellular network.


At its inception, MeshTalk supports voice calls and small messages. In addition, at this stage of development, Oppo's technology allows several gadgets to be combined within the P2P network, thereby forming a local local network, within which you can create a group chat.

Oppo's new technology will help keep people in touch almost anywhere in the world. The main condition is that at least one device with the MeshTalk module must be within 3000 meters. The development can be useful in hard-to-reach areas where there is no cellular coverage or used in extreme conditions where mobile communications may be unstable.


The company has not announced when the next Oppo smartphone with built-in support for the proprietary MeshTalk module will be released. Also, at the presentation, it was not announced at what stage of readiness the technology itself is, which of the contractors will be engaged in the production of the corresponding hardware components, and also the models of devices that will be the first to test the development were not named. It is possible that after the finalization of the module, Oppo will begin to license the use of proprietary technology to other corporations.

While the company has yet to equip its upcoming Oppo phone with out-of-cellular calling technology, other brands have gone a little further and are planning to mass-market smartphones with a similar module. So, in the spring the Volk One phone was announced for pre-order. It also supports signal transmission over a dedicated Volk Fi network bypassing cellular communications. Likewise, like Oppo's technology, the signal in Volk Fi is transmitted from one device to another. Volk One is distinguished by the parameters of some flagships of the sample of 2018: a 6.2-inch screen with Full HD + support, a Snapdragon 845 chipset, a 3700 mAh battery and 4 GB of RAM.

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