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A ”strong and independent” smartphone has appeared that does not need a cellular operator


An unusual newcomer has appeared in the world of mobile devices - the Volk One smartphone, which its creators present as the first device that does not depend on a cellular operator and the Internet. The smartphone transmits data using a distributed Volk Fi network. In this case, the transfer goes from one mobile device to another. This indicates the need to have an extensive network with a certain density of users in order for this technology to work stably.

The new Volk One system operates over the Volk Fi network. The smartphones themselves are connected to the network along with the routers that come with them. The routers then establish a connection to the Internet via an Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi connection. Volk One now connects to the router, and if it is not nearby, it catches the signal of another smartphone of the same kind and is already transmitting through it.

The whole system is built in such a way that a certain number of users should be in the selected territory, who will form their own transmission network. It will work independently of being connected to one of the mobile operators and also independently of the Internet, thereby providing a free service. The developers of the Volk One project say that the smartphone is able to pick up the signal of another device or router at a distance of several miles, since it is equipped with the latest radio components.

The authors of the invention consider the main advantage of their development to be the ability to use a smartphone without paying for communication services. It is assumed that simple calls and SMS via the Volk One system will be free. In terms of data volume, the WAN system provides the user with the same amount of GB that he transferred to others using his smartphone with an additional 5 GB as a bonus.


For the new smartphone, the priority will be given to the distributed user network, which the device will access by default. While Volk Fi does not require a SIM card, Volk One can also work with a standard mobile operator card. The network provides the ability to make calls and send SMS within the networks of other providers.

The developers of the project consider the Volk Fi network accessible to everyone and safe. They also call the advantage of this network its speed, which increases with the connection of more users, while the usual mobile networks usually slow down.

Stable operation of a distributed network requires a certain number of users and their territorial location in the same area. This determines the conditions that apply when ordering a smartphone. Anyone wishing to receive Volk One must receive an invitation from someone who is already involved in the project. The smartphone is not yet available everywhere, voice communication, messages and Internet connection using Volk One are supported in the countries of North America. In addition, Internet access is still spreading to Australia and South America, although the creators of the project promise to expand the geography of the smartphone.


The Volk One smartphone made in a glass and aluminum case with a 6.2-inch screen will receive a proprietary Snapdragon 845 chipset with support for Adreno 630 graphics as a hardware base. Two photo lenses have a resolution of 16 MP, a battery has a capacity of 3700 mAh. The smartphone has access to the LTE network, and a fingerprint sensor is also integrated. Versions of the device provide 64 and 256 GB of main memory, 4 GB of RAM. Volk One can now be found on the project's corporate website, and it is already available for pre-order. Its first deliveries are expected to begin by the end of the year.

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