Insider # 11.08: the future of the iPhone; Google Pixel 4; Samsung Galaxy M30s and HONOR 20S (Topic)

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Insider # 11.08: the future of the iPhone; Google Pixel 4; Samsung Galaxy M30s and HONOR 20S


Today in this section we will talk about the prospects of the iPhone and the next leaks concerning the Google Pixel 4. We will also discuss the nuances of the technical equipment of the Galaxy M30s and information about the HONOR 20S.

Apple has a project to use the iPhone as a walkie-talkie

Many people remember that some models of old push-button telephones could work as a walkie-talkie without requiring access to the cellular network. Recently, it was reported that Apple was developing proprietary technology to enable the iPhone to operate in radio mode.

This was recently reported by The Information resource. According to him, these developments were carried out jointly with Intel. Their codenames were Project OGRS (Off Grid Radio Service) at Apple and Project Shrek at Intel. According to the published information, the technology was not similar to the Wi-Fi app and cellular walkie-talkie functions as in the Apple Watch. There are many programs that can make a walkie-talkie out of a smartphone, but Yabloko took a different path, as it was required to improve the reliability of communication and eliminate dependence on cellular networks.


The description of their technology says that it allows you to create an independent connection between iPhones located far from each other. This will enable users to communicate through text messaging where there is no mobile network coverage. In the future, the capabilities of this technology will be expanded to use voice communication.

It's not hard to understand the usefulness of this development. It will allow contacting suppliers in the taiga, rescuers, gas workers and representatives of many other services and specialties. Indeed, even in our time, there are many places on the planet that are not covered by mobile networks.

Such functionality will also be in demand among travelers who now pay big money for communication in roaming conditions.

At this time, it is known that work on this project at Apple has been suspended due to the fact that one of its initiators left them. However, this does not mean at all that they will never return to it. Everything in good time.

Photos of real Google Pixel 4 have appeared on the web

The first "live" photos of the yet unannounced Google Pixel 4 device have appeared on the Internet. They are of good quality and allow you to carefully examine the device.

It is already known that this leak was arranged by the editor of the Internet portal XDA-Developers Mishal Rahman. The photo shows that the gadget with a 5.7-inch screen has a classic front panel design. It has thin side bezels, but there is an “eyebrow” at the top for the selfie camera and auxiliary sensors. There is also a chin at the bottom.


The main camera unit is located on the back of the smartphone in the upper left corner. It consists of three lenses and a flash. According to old leaks, it is already known that the main sensor here will receive a resolution of 12 megapixels, and the second, which is a telephoto lens, 16 megapixels. The third lens is most likely a ToF or laser autofocus sensor.


From the available interface on the screen, it is easy to understand that the operating system in the device uses Android 10. Its release will take place on September 3, and Google Pixel 4 will be shown to everyone a little later. The date of the announcement has not yet been revealed.

Also on the display, you can see a notification about the inclusion of Play Store protection and data on the Sprint operator's logo, which was placed in the upper left corner of the smartphone.

Galaxy M30s will be equipped with a triple rear camera

Not all experts and users like the new trend in the placement of the main camera unit in the latest smartphones from Samsung. If earlier it was located symmetrically in the center, now the module is installed in the corner of the rear panel, as in the iPhone X.

Recently, a new renders of the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy M30s smartphone have appeared on the network. According to them, one can judge that the company will continue to follow the above trend. The main camera of the gadget will be located on the platform in its left corner. In this case, the sensors in it will be oriented vertically.


The main lens of the camera - Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM2 has a resolution of 48 megapixels. In the center of the panel, you can see the fingerprint scanner, which has received its own physical site. At the bottom of the device, at the end, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack. A feature of the product is the presence of a 6000 mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy M30s is expected to be announced next month. Nothing is known about the prices for it.

HONOR 20S Release Date Revealed

Recently, rumors have been circulating on the network about the imminent announcement of another device - HONOR 20S. The Chinese manufacturer, as usual, started a promotional campaign to attract attention to the new product. In various ways, the company's marketers are trying to promote the device.


One of these options is posting a teaser showing the rear panel of the novelty on the pages of the Weibo social network. HONOR 20S and the budget version of the gadget will be presented on September 4th.

There is little data on the technical equipment of the smartphone. Of particular interest is information about the use of the Android 10 OS in it, the final version of which will be announced early next month. Nothing is known about smartphone pricing.

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