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OPPO 5G Smartphone Received Certification


Chinese OPPO is now unveiling its branded 5G smartphone as a device that complies with the international 5G CE communication standard. For this, the device has successfully passed testing by the international supervisory agency Sporton International Inc, according to the results of which it became the owner of the corresponding confirmation certificate.

Announced at the MWC profile exhibition in 2019, the OPPO 5G smartphone became the first device of its kind to support multiple frequency and range modes simultaneously. The main advantage of the smartphone is support for the n78 band, which gives it the ability to use an extended communication channel and use a large number of frequencies. All this allows the device to be used in many territories and in more countries.

The presence of the CE certificate gives the green light for the implementation of the OPPO smartphone in the European territory. The document confirms that a 5G-enabled smartphone has the appropriate parameters that give it the right to appear on the European market. Basically, the requirements for which the smartphone has been tested relate to ensuring the safety of the user himself, they are also related to some technical parameters of the wireless standard, electromagnetic radiation, etc.


Sporton , that conducted the engineering testing of the OPPO device, reported that the 5G smartphone withstood all tests with dignity and proved itself at a high level, despite the high standard of requirements. The company intends to continue to cooperate with the Chinese electronics brand to develop and distribute the 5G communication standard.

OPPO is already taking steps to bring 5G technology to the consumer market. In partnership with a number of cellular operators, the company launched a project called the 5G Landing Project. Its purpose is to prepare the market for the introduction of 5G communications and the accelerated distribution of services and devices based on the technology in all corners of the globe. The start of sales of the first OPPO smartphone with 5G support is expected in the first half of 2019.

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Author: Jake Pinkman