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Chinese electronics manufacturer ORRO is growing at a fast pace. This company was founded in 2004, began its activity with the production of MP3-players, but already in 2008 the first mobile phone of the enterprise was released. Four years later, the company's turnover was almost two billion dollars. Unprecedented growth rates!

Within the walls of this company there are more than 1,500 engineers, whose qualification level meets the highest modern standards. This is evidenced by the latest developments of these specialists. Their high quality BluRay players are well-known and popular with many users in the US, Europe and Asia. The company unveiled the world's first 10x hybrid optical zoom technology this year.


The technological surprises from ORRO did not end there. Here are two more interesting facts.

MeshTalk Communication Protocol

The work of modern smartphones, in addition to the cellular network, can be provided by Wi-Fi. The main disadvantages of these devices at this time is the need for a constant presence of a cellular signal or an Internet connection. Something of this is necessarily available to a man of our time, but suddenly it happens that during some extraordinary events the entire infrastructure will fail.

Then all communication will definitely be broken and smartphones can only be used as unnecessary toys.


The Chinese ORRO decided to tackle this post-apocalyptic problem. She recently introduced a new protocol called MeshTalk. It allows mobile users to communicate with each other within a 3 km radius. It does not use cellular, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi capabilities. The question immediately arises of the functioning of smartphones without cell towers.

It turns out that it's all about the capabilities of this protocol. The devices equipped with it can create a local network, which makes direct communication between them available without any towers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Most radios that provide short-range communication work the same way.

OPRO specialists, when designing this protocol, even foresaw the possibility of a low charge in smartphones. There is a 72-hour waiting period for this.

It is not yet known whether this developer will launch the new technology into series. If so, it is not clear which devices the company will be equipped with.

New subscreen camera technology

At the beginning of June, a short video was shown, which showed an OPRO smartphone with a fully sub-screen camera. All specialists and experts immediately began to argue about the real possibilities of this company.

Everything became clear yesterday, when at MWC Shanghai, the representatives of this company officially presented the sub-screen camera technology. It was named USC. The developers talk about the presence of a custom camera module in the smartphone body that can capture more light. It uses optimized algorithms and self-learning artificial intelligence to improve performance.


If we talk about the hardware component of the product, then the manufacturer uses a transparent material for the display. It is endowed with light transmission capabilities and does not limit the operation of the screen. The company also claims that the new camera module is equipped with sensors with a large aperture and large pixels.

In addition, this technology implies the ability to control pixels in the area of the camera itself. The screen lets in enough light to allow for selfies, face unlocking and video calls.


OPRO says that the new type of cameras in their properties and performance is close to the quality of front-facing devices currently used on all other smartphones. Experts tend to believe that this technology is not yet completely perfect to be used in production.

When it will be fully finalized is not yet known, but its very appearance is a big step towards a smartphone with a completely clean front panel. This wording should be understood as a screen that has no frames, cutouts, monobrows, etc.

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Author: Jake Pinkman