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Apple announced iOS 13.4 update for iPhone and iPad


Apple has released a major operating system update for its mobile gadgets. Overall, the new iOS 13.4 has received a lot of major and less noticeable updates. Among them were updated functional advantages of working with iPad, the ability to share cloud folders, new Memoji stickers and a number of other innovations.

Use the mouse on iPad

One of the most notable changes was the addition of full support for trackpads and Bluetooth-mice on the iPad. Such a function had already been deployed within the iPadOS 13 operating platform, but at that time it was presented in a limited version and required improvement. Now the iPad, taking into account its features, has the ability to connect any of these devices to enter and edit texts, tables, work in professional applications and perform other actions.


However, the iOS 13.4 update with mouse and trackpad support is specially adapted for the tablet's touch interface. So, the cursor is made in the form of a circle, which highlights the elements of the screen or Dock, text segments, passes from application to application and performs other actions with a clear indication of the points of possible pressing. Full mouse and trackpad support on Apple tablets works in the most popular applications of the operating system, allowing you to view photos, open sites in the Safari browser, sort messages in Mail and work with Notes.

What's New in iOS 13.4

Along with other changes, the new iOS introduced the ability to share access to iCloud Drive files. If desired, the user can open them to friends, colleagues or family, while adjusting the level of access at his own discretion. Thus, other users can view the folders, and in some cases they will be able to make their own edits or add their own files.


The Mail controls have been updated to make them always visible when working with emails. This allows, for example, to start creating a new letter in the conversation view. In addition, when a certain S / MIME option is configured, responses to sent encrypted messages are also automatically encrypted.

Changes have affected the security system of the proprietary Safari browser. It has enhanced protection in the form of automatic blocking of all third-party cookies that track user behavior in the network space and, in principle, any Internet activity.

In addition to everything, the iOS update has opened the opportunity for developers to arrange a one-time sale of their applications for different types of devices through the branded App Store. Users, accordingly, got the opportunity to purchase one and the same program one time. This means that an application that is suitable, for example, for both iPhone and Mac computer, can only be purchased once. However, you do not need to make a second purchase to use it on another device.

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