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The new version of iOS will change the way iPad and iPhone work


Apple is preparing an update to its proprietary mobile platform. The changes will affect both external and technical components of the OS. As a result, the new iOS is promised to be better than the previous 12th version. IOS 13 is expected to update the general interface, a number of applications, including the voice assistant Siri, the emergence of multi-window, similar to Windows 10 and macOS.

One of the main updates to the mobile system will be a full dark display of the interface. If in the current version of the OS users use color inversion to activate it, then in iOS 13 the dark mode will be integrated at the interface level. It can be disabled if desired. Additionally, iOS 13 will receive new control gestures, improved multilingual support.

Due to the larger screen area of the iPad, the new version of iOS will receive a number of new options that are relevant only for Apple tablets. One of them will be the multi-window mode, which is introduced for all programs. Windows will be able to move across the entire screen, which will give iOS 13 even more similarity to desktop macOS. In addition, the developers have prepared a number of new gestures for iPad users. So, when typing without a keyboard, you can swipe to undo the input, as well as return characters back.

Safari browser for tablets will receive an additional function, thanks to which it will be able to request desktop versions of Internet resources. Also, if necessary, the option can be disabled. In Mail Agent for iPad, the new iOS update will automatically sort inboxes by topic. In addition, it will be possible to mark part of the correspondence in mobile mail in order to read these letters later.

In the updated iOS, Apple has promised to reduce the number of false launches of the intelligent assistant Siri. The corrected Hey Siri command to activate it should reduce the activation and response of the assistant to extraneous rustles, noises and laughter.

The official introduction to iOS 13 is expected in early June at WWDC 2019. The main competitor will unveil its new Android 10 OS a month earlier. The start date for the large-scale release of the 13th iOS has not yet been announced, although according to the practice of past years, previous versions of the mobile OS were released along with updated iPhone models, that is, around the beginning of autumn. On the example of iOS 12, which is not compatible with iPhones older than 5s, the list of devices that support iOS 13 will become known at the summer presentation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman