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Apple announces global macOS desktop update


Apple Corporation has prepared a global upgrade of the desktop macOS. The updated Apple operating system, which powers the MacBook and other Mac devices, will be unveiled at the annual WWDC developer event in early summer 2019. The desktop macOS platform in production 10.15 will have many similarities to mobile iOS. In addition, a global update of standard applications is expected, including the likely abandonment of iTunes.

MacOS and iPad Merge

The next macOS update is associated with the emergence of the Marzipan technology solution in the operating system. This tool by the company's developers suggests an easier way to transfer third-party programs and branded iPad applications to desktops and laptops. For the first time, the corporation started talking about Marzipan back in 2018, but the new version of macOS will present its final assembly. Going forward, the technology will help increase the number of applications compatible with Mac devices.

In addition to Marzipan, another step towards integrating macOS devices and tablets will also be the new iOS 13, which will allow the iPad to be used as an additional screen for Apple PCs and laptops. With the help of special settings, it will be possible to duplicate the same picture or display different images.


New for music and video

As a possible replacement for iTunes, macOS 10.15 will get an updated music application. The new Music will retain many of iTunes' features. Users will be given access to transfer their content to a computer using synchronization with an iOS device. In contrast to the familiar iTunes interface, Music has a simpler design - the new application resembles the solution of the same name for iOS devices. There is no standard for video playback in the Music app. To do this, the Apple desktop OS provides a TV application with the same options as the utility for iOS and tvOS.


Other new items

Screen Time parental control software, which is part of the main iOS application base, is likely to appear in desktop macOS 10.15.

The utility has tools for tracking and limiting the operation of certain programs, games, or the operation of the browser itself.

Apple's massively redesigned desktop and laptop operating system will include an upgraded Apple Books. The utility with a modified interface will receive a quick access panel to its own library, store of new editions, audiobooks.


Reminders app will also be affected by the changes. Mostly they will touch the outside of the program, leaving its classic functions in place. Reminders with a slightly modified interface will have some similarities with its iOS counterpart. Also following the mobile iOS, the new macOS may get stickers and various visual effects.

In addition, Apple developers can add an updated Find my solution to macOS 10.15. The program has combined the options Find My Friends and Find My iPhone and received in addition the Find Network service, with which you can track a Mac device that is not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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