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Apple announced macOS 10.14 Mojave


As expected, Apple unveiled macOS 10.14 at the WWDC developer conference on Monday.

She got tired of using the names of the mountain peaks and now she focused on the landscapes of California, in this case the Mojave Desert. The new features of this operating system for Apple computers will be described below.

Dark Mode


As the data leaks said, Apple introduced a dark version of the interface at the system level. The default menus and apps like Finder, Xcode, Calendar, Mail look great this way, and there is an updated neon color for better readability and contrast. Third-party apps will need to be updated to work with this interface, but it shouldn't be difficult to do so.

Desktop enhancements


There is a feature called Desktop Stacks that lets you organize files on your desktop by type, date, or tags. These groups will update automatically, you can easily add, remove or scroll files. A new feature called Dynamic Desktop automatically changes the wallpaper based on the time of day.

Finder improvements

A new Gallery View has been added, where there are large previews of selected files with thumbnails of the folder contents. There is a sidebar that provides metadata and useful information about the files. If a photo is selected, the sidebar shows the file resolution, size, camera type, etc. The sidebar also contains Quick Actions, there is contextual content here and the user can customize it. If an image is selected, you can manipulate it.


Quick Look first appeared in macOS 10.5 and has also been updated to allow you to manipulate content, digitally sign PDF documents, crop videos, and more. Easier to take screenshots, switch between windows, take screenshots of the entire screen or part, create animations based on video.

Continuity Camera

Easily capture photos or videos on Mac computers and automatically add them to documents and other applications.

New native apps


The selection of pre-installed applications has been expanded, including News, Stocks, Voice Recorder and Home. They are similar to their iOS 12 counterparts. Home allows you to monitor home devices such as cameras and baby monitors. Support for group FaceTime calls is now available.

Security Features

Offers finer control over privacy and data that users are willing to share. In addition to API-level protection for photos, contacts and other personal data, Mojave provides protection for the microphone, camera, email databases, backups and chat history. The Safari browser also expands its arsenal of security options. It can remove social media buttons from sites and make it difficult to track users.

Mac App Store improvements


With its iOS store update, Apple has focused on a desktop store. It has been redesigned from the ground up and has a new user interface. In it, navigation has become easier, the search for new applications has been improved. The sidebar contains Discover, Create, Work, Play, and Develop sections, each with helpful hints and tips for choosing apps. The Categories section allows you to browse applications, read reviews and see ratings. Large screenshots and videos are provided to familiarize you with the applications.

The first beta version of the system for developers is already available, and a public beta version will be released within the next months.

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