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WWDC 2019. What to expect


Today in the city of San Jose, California, WWDC 2019 starts. It is initiated by Apple, which announces new versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and possibly tells about other products. Experts suggest that this season's novelties will be aimed at experienced users. IPhone and Mac sales statistics show a decrease in user interest in these products, so it is important that updated devices have a number of new features.

What should be expected from this forum, what "chips" will the new products of "Yabloko" receive.

iOS 13 will get dark mode

Almost everyone is confident that iOS 13 will provide a system-wide dark mode. Apple carried out radical updates to its operating system in 2013. Then it was the mobile version of iOS 7. It was provided with a minimalistic interface, abandoning the skeuomorphic design.

Subsequently, each OS version underwent minor changes or additions, but the software was unchanged.

It is unlikely that Apple will go for a global design redesign, but users will get dark mode. It will make the bright white interface black and gray.


This will contribute to more eye comfort. It is likely that this mode will be similar to that used in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Bloomberg magazine claims that iOS 13 will be equipped with new animations for launching and closing applications. Customizing the company's widgets will help make them feel better.

The program will also receive a new keyboard in which it will be possible to configure swipe, as well as an updated sleep mode.

There is also information that will be consolidated into one two applications "Find iPhone" and "Find Friends". The new functionality allows you to track the location of your belongings.


Safari will be equipped with a new download manager, and in such a way that its web browser will look like the version for the Mac. iMessage will be as close to WhatsApp as it can be.

iOS 13 on iPad will get home screen customization features, a multitasking interface, and the ability to download versions of the same app. In some cases, it will be possible to connect the iPad to an external monitor.

Additional applications for macOS 10.15

The most exciting update for macOS will be the ability to support apps that run on the iPad. The company has developed a long-term project to revitalize the Mac platform so that existing iPad apps can be portable without completely rewriting them.


An Apple Music app is likely to be announced that will help make the music streaming service stand out from the vast iTunes. This will improve the performance of a Mac that previously experienced slowdowns in iTunes.

WatchOS 6 Evolution

The Apple Watch gadget is increasingly focused on the user's health.

Bloomberg claims the product will receive its own App Store. This fact will give new opportunities to smartwatches and make them less dependent on the iPhone. Experts assume that the company will do everything to make this device look like a computer. This will be facilitated by the installation of new applications: "Voice Notes", "Books" and the introduction of a calculator. There will also be various stickers.


In addition, Apple will add two more new programs: Cycles, which will appeal to women and Welcome. The latter will remind you to take medications.

What will happen next

It is highly likely that Apple is announcing an update to tvOS. It focuses on the latest TV update and streaming service that has already been launched.


Many fans are waiting for information on Apple Arcade. The WWDC Forum is a good place to share details that were not shared with the general public in March. The pricing for the subscription for games and the exact launch date are not yet known. It is also unclear how many games will become available to the subscriber and how they can be configured to be managed.

The functionality of Apple Arcade offers a lot that users are not yet aware of, but would like to know.

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