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IOS 12 & 13 - Apple's Plans


Let's face it - iOS can hardly be called a stable OS, there are many problems, bugs, crashes and other strange things that do not give pleasure from using this system.

Such mistakes and shortcomings somehow negate the whole ideology that Apple has been promoting for many years. And this ideology lies in the stability of both mobile and desktop operating systems.

More functionality - less stability

The days of iOS 6 have sunk into oblivion, when little functionality was implemented, but the stability of the OS was worked out as much as possible, and this applied to both mobile and desktop platforms. For example, from the desktop, OS X Mountain Lion was significantly more stable than today's macOS High Sierra. In addition, macOS High Sierra does not have so many new and fresh features, but we must admit that some are still very good and cardinal, for example, the new file system. But still, such an abundance of errors in Apple's OS has never been encountered before, even many professional users do not specifically update to this operating system.

But in addition to professionals, ordinary users have already turned to Apple, saying, do it already, we want normal speed, stability and, of course, the autonomy of your OS! And Apple probably heard us. The main person in charge of the software, Craig Federighi, spoke about the work plans of his department to improve and improve iOS, and to be precise, about new versions of the mobile platform. And on his list, in the first place are these three main factors - stability, speed and autonomy.

At the same time, the company's management understands that the available resources of programmers will not be enough to implement all plans in life. But don't be discouraged, new, visible features will still appear in the new iOS 12. Of course, there won't be as many of them as we would like, but they will. More to the point, Apple has every opportunity to recruit additional staff to implement more functionality in its OS.

List of possible innovations in iOS 12

When Apple releases iOS 12, we should see a new, combined platform for running apps on both iOS and macOS - of course, great for developers and users who will get cross-platform.

This summer we will have to show some of the innovations in the "Photos" application, although the main direction is considered to be work on algorithms for automatic sorting of images. Probably, many will agree that right now the Photos application lacks the normal scrolling through a long list of photos, and a good slider would not hurt.

Due to criticism from shareholders, the Cupertinos are going to improve the parental control function, it will be possible to track how much time a child spends in a particular application (more precisely, in games). They also promise improvements to the FaceTime video calling service.

This is not all, yet Craig Federighi set a kind of vector for the development of the OS, and today we can find out what may presumably appear in iOS 13, which should appear in 2019 (if, of course, it will be called that).

List of possible innovations in iOS 13

In iOS 13 Apple plans to redesign the desktop, the grid of icons should change and their style should be generalized.

  • A serious revision of the built-in file manager is planned, which today is not very convenient to use, and even probably is not used by many. Improve its security.
  • The moment came when the Cupertinians thought about the camera settings, apparently someone in the company heard that it was inconvenient to constantly go into the settings in order to change the resolution or make adjustments to the parameters. The settings should appear right in the camera interface.
  • Developers will need to simplify file storage. If there is not enough space on the gadget, you can always transfer your files (documents and media files) to iCloud, back to your phone or tablet, as well as to other devices of the company through AirDrop.

The CarPlay interface will be improved for car enthusiasts, and significantly.


Apple plans to develop and promote augmented reality technology. Multiplayer for AR (Augmented Reality) games should appear. Of course, according to statistics, the interest of developers and users in this technology has decreased since the start of iOS 11, there are not so many normal programs and games in the App Store, but we'll see.

And yet, Apple will have to improve the default Health app. The functionality of this application, which is now, frankly lags behind the advanced free or paid applications from the App Store.

A similar development plan was adopted for the desktop macOS OS - first of all, stability and speed, and then, as far as possible, new functionality will be added. At the same time, the development plans for macOS and iOS do not affect the development of software for Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Let's hope that the new iOS 12, and then iOS 13 will repeat the success of iOS 6 in terms of stability and functionality, for which we love Apple.

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Author: Jake Pinkman