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One of the main features of Android is coming to iPhone and iPad


The next iOS update will be supplemented with one of the characteristic "chips" Android. In the new iOS 14, the official launch of which is still scheduled for the fall, a window with pre-installed applications will appear. However, unlike the android, in the "apple" mobile platform, everything will look a little different. If on Android devices such a menu is presented as a separate window that fits behind the home screen, then in Apple gadgets this will be implemented in the form of an additional desktop.

In addition, the menu with preinstalled programs performed by Apple developers will receive their own special specifications that are not in Android. So, a separate window in the latest version of iOS will be supplemented with different options for sorting applications - they can be distributed according to installation time, frequency of use, or display only those where notifications have not yet been viewed. Sorting can also be tied to the time of day, for example, if certain programs are launched more often in the morning, then by that time they will be at the top of the list.

Other features of the new iOS 14

In addition to getting a similar android feature, the release of iOS 14 also comes with support for the PencilKit interface, or handwriting. The updated Apple mobile system will allow users to type with a stylus and, most likely, the new option will become part of a separate platform iPadOS 14 for tablets. In addition to manual input, the new iOS update for iPads will also have full cursor and mouse support, allowing you to control your gadget like a desktop.


All versions of iOS 14 for different devices (smartphones, tablets and Apple TV consoles) may include Apple's proprietary development - a special fitness program codenamed Seymour. Not much is known about the application, it is expected to include training videos with exercises in various sports.

A future iOS update will add features that will improve the lives of users with disabilities. So, an iPhone on the new iOS will be able to distinguish external sounds, for example, a doorbell, a triggered alarm, etc. The system will notify about this with a vibration signal and a special message that will appear on the display. In addition, the new iOS will add gesture recognition to mobile cameras.

iOS and New Apple Gadgets

The code for an early version of the future iOS has revealed information about completely new Apple products, the official announcement of which has not yet taken place. Among them was the updated iPad Pro model, equipped with a triple camera and a 3D module to support virtual and augmented reality.


Along with the new iPad Pro, iOS 14 also mentions the iPhone SE 2, a smartphone that supports Touch ID and Express Transit. The mobile platform also contains links to a new remote for a branded TV set-top box with a Siri assistant, as well as mentions AirTags, which the company planned to release last fall.

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