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Apple Announces New iPad 9.7 for $ 329


Apple on Tuesday announced an updated version of the iPad. The new model comes out with an eye to education. The iPad starts at $ 329 for regular customers, but schools and other educational institutions will be able to purchase it for $ 299.

Orders are already being accepted, deliveries will begin next week

The new 9.7-inch tablet is reminiscent of previously released models. However, there is support for the Apple Pencil, which was previously only on the iPad Pro. Apple is also releasing new versions of Pages, Keynote, Numbers applications with stylus support.

Unfortunately, the stylus is not included with the tablet. It sells separately for $ 99 , which significantly increases the total cost of the tablet. The developers also announced that there will be other accessories, including the $ 49 Crayon stylus from Logitech.

Why the new iPad is good


The new iPad is powered by the Apple A10 Fusion processor, has 8 megapixel cameras and Full HD, support for a Touch ID fingerprint scanner for authorization, LTE communication standard with an incoming connection speed of up to 300 Mbps. There is a gyroscope and augmented reality support. Together with the tablet, customers will receive 200 GB of disk space in the iCloud cloud storage, whereas previously only 5 GB was given, but this applies only to educational institutions.

Recently, the Bloomberg news agency reported that Apple has a 17% share of the US education market, compared with 60% for Google and 22% for Microsoft. The company hopes that the cheaper iPad will increase market share as well as additional software capabilities.

These are not Apple's first attempts in this direction. In 2015, the company equipped iPads for 640,000 students in Los Angeles. However, it turned out that it was not very convenient to type on it, and students did not like the ban on downloading unapproved applications. For this reason, the tablet distribution program was stopped before its completion.

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