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Samsung has fixed the flaws of the foldable Galaxy Fold


After the official announcement in February, high hopes were pinned on Samsung's foldable smartphone. The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be the pioneer of a new class of flexible form factor mobile devices. However, subsequent independent tests revealed a number of significant flaws in the gadget, and this has led to the fact that the dates of the appearance of the smartphone on the shelves have not yet been announced.

And now, finally, the South Korean manufacturer finishes working on the bugs. All critical flaws of the Galaxy Fold, which delayed its release by several months, have been fixed. Reputable financial informant Bloomberg, based on its own reliable sources, reports that Samsung has almost finished production of the commercial version of its branded foldable smartphone.

Unforeseen flaws have pushed back the Galaxy Fold release. Many journalists who received a Samsung smartphone as a test sample had their device broken in a few days. Some of the shortcomings were associated with screen flickering, other testers had strange lines and bulges on the device, but the main defect in the smartphone happened more out of ignorance - many test participants removed the protective layer from the display, mistaking it for a factory film.


To date, the manufacturer has managed to finalize most of the critical vulnerabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the main of which is related to the fragility and fragility of the folding screen. However, despite the global upgrade of the device, the company has not yet decided on the release date.

Eyewitnesses of the large-scale work carried out noted that Samsung has corrected a slight ambiguity with the screen protector - now it is tucked over the edges of the surface. Thus, if it is once again mistaken for a factory shell, it will no longer be possible to pick it up. In addition, the manufacturer has worked on the hinge mechanism. It was designed in a new way - from now on, the hinge is located at the same level as the screen, and when the device is opened, the gap has become almost invisible.


Originally a foldable Samsung smartphone worth nearly $ 2,000, it was supposed to hit the shelves at the end of April. According to the South Korean brand, the Galaxy Fold project will not be canceled and should be expected on sale.

Another manufacturer decided to follow the path of Samsung - Huawei also slowed down the release of the folding smartphone Mate X. After all the events with the flexible Galaxy Fold gadget, Huawei postponed the release of its device until the fall, deciding to test it further.

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Author: Jake Pinkman