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Galaxy Fold or Mate X: which foldable device will go on sale faster


The whole world of gadgets and other electronic devices lovers awaiting the announcement and launch of the first foldable device. There are two leaders in this direction: Chinese Huawei and Korean Samsung. Both companies were actively working on these devices, showed them to reporters, announced the imminent start of sales, but then there were problems with the design. First the Koreans reported this, then the Chinese. Let's recall the details of what happened and try to analyze the situation.

Galaxy Fold

On April 22 this year, the Korean company Samsung announced that the launch of its new foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold was officially postponed indefinitely. This message was preceded by a series of reviews that revealed serious flaws in the design of the device. The developer's representatives also said that an announcement date will be announced in the coming weeks.


Almost eight weeks have passed since that, but from the camp of the Korean tech giant there is not a word about the promised release. Even worse, Tom's Guide reported that US mobile operator AT & T has begun canceling pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold. Allegedly, this publication had previously placed an order for this gadget, and on June 12 AT & T canceled it.

An explanation from the mobile operator said that Samsung has postponed the release of this device, so orders for it are canceled. No specifics.


It is proposed, if a new sales date is announced by the developer, to re-place a request for a preliminary order. Customers who previously ordered Galaxy Folds will be given AT & T in denomination of one hundred US dollars. The operator himself allotted 60 days for this procedure.

It is worth recalling here that the Galaxy Fold is a $ 1,980 product. It has a foldable display and excellent technical characteristics. Shortly before the release, several gadgets were distributed among the reviewers, who later announced design flaws and numerous failures in the operation of the devices.


This led to the postponement of the start of its mass release. Over the last few years, the company has published several reports stating that all deficiencies have been eliminated, but no date has been announced for mass production. Therefore, we can conclude that work continues on the product. Knowing the dedication of the Koreans and the class of the company's engineers, there is no doubt about the success of their work.

Mate X and Huawei

Chinese developers walked confidently towards the start of sales of the folding smartphone Mate X, but after the failures of their Korean colleagues, for some reason they also postponed its launch. The press service of the company states that the company has conceived a series of tests necessary for the final confidence in the reliability and flawlessness of such an expensive gadget.


Also, all this is masked by the company's unwillingness to spoil its image in the event of a half-baked product entering the market.

This statement came at the very moment when Samsung announced the need to fix the flaws found in its device. Initially, Huawei also planned to start sales in April, and then they were postponed to June. Now it has been postponed to September. The Chinese have given themselves a significant amount of time to test the Mate X, which costs $ 2,600.

In addition, a company spokesman recently stated that Huawei is working closely with many of the world's app developers and mobile operators to rule out any performance or interface issues.


Experts believe that the Chinese company does not want to repeat the mistakes of its main competitor, who handed out the new device to journalists for its advertising and positive evaluation. Everything turned out exactly the opposite. It is clear that in this situation the winner is not the one who starts selling first, but the one whose product will show its best side.

None of the competitors wants to arrange revocable companies later, so both companies are in no hurry to announce the announcement.

At the moment, it is known that the Mate X is equipped with more than just a flexible display. The core of its hardware is the most advanced Kirin 980 processor, which is assisted by 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.


Not so good is that the unit has a plastic display that fits well for achieving a foldable form factor. Users have to be careful when working with it so as not to scratch it with keys or coins in their pocket.

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Author: Jake Pinkman