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Samsung is working on a new flexible clamshell smartphone


The Korean manufacturer has decided to surprise the world for the second time by developing a mobile gadget in an unusual form factor. This time, the second flexible Samsung smartphone, according to the company's idea, will be presented in a folding form. Samsung may introduce its flexible clamshell to the market early next year.

Foldable smartphone. Part two

The new gadget when folded will appear as a compact square, and when opened it will resemble a standard smartphone. In addition, the company is working on how to make the new Samsung smartphone cheaper and reduce its thickness compared to another branded flexible device Galaxy Fold, which was released this year. At the same time, the development of a new project of a folding gadget with a folding screen largely depends on the sales success of its predecessor.


An American couturier and owner of his own clothing brand, Tom Brown, had a hand in the design of the new "clamshell" with a folding screen. It is no coincidence that a fashion designer is involved in designing the appearance of a mobile device. Samsung plans to attract two types of potential buyers to its new product.

First, , the elegant look of a smartphone should appeal to those who care more about the appearance of a gadget than its filling.

Secondly , the manufacturer relies on the feeling of nostalgia for those who still care about technical parameters, and at the same time who will be attracted by the clamshell shape of the new flexible smartphone.


About the characteristics it is known that the Samsung flexible smartphone will receive a 6.7-inch screen, while it will have two cameras. When the device is open, the cameras will be on the back surface, and after folding the device they will move to the front side.


Unlike its predecessor, the Galaxy Fold, the new foldable Korean gadget has at least one advantage. When opened, its shape is largely identical to the aspect ratio of a standard smartphone, so the operation of Android applications should not cause additional difficulties. In this regard, the Galaxy Fold was less fortunate: when opened, its dimensions were not fully compatible with Android programs, which required their additional adaptation to the aspect ratio of the first flexible Samsung smartphone.

It is also known that the developers are testing an ultra-thin protective coating for the novelty, the thickness of which does not exceed 3% of the standard size of conventional protection for displays of mobile devices. In addition, the company pays increased attention to the durability of the gadget, fearing a repetition of the story with the Galaxy Fold.

First pancake Galaxy Fold

Samsung's first flexible smartphone was officially unveiled in winter 2019. After the presentation, it turned out that the gadget has at least two problems, which the manufacturer chose not to focus on. First of all, it turned out that at the place of the bend of the device there is an irreparable hall, and also when folded, the parts of the case do not completely adjoin each other.


The flaws were finally revealed after the testing participants, including journalists and bloggers, received the Galaxy Fold samples. Many people have problems and breakdowns of the folding Galaxy Fold, and specifically its main part - the flexible screen. According to the test results, the manufacturer has pushed the dates of the appearance of the smartphone in the markets, promising to replace the device's hinges with more wear-resistant ones.

If earlier the start of sales was scheduled for April, now it has been pushed back to autumn. The company has priced the Galaxy Fold at nearly $ 2,000.

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