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Xiaomi unveils flexible screen smartphone concept


Another well-known manufacturer, this time Xiaomi, presented his vision of what a smartphone with a flexible screen should be. The video, which was posted on the Chinese social network personally by the president of the company, shows a working unnamed prototype, but the company is open to user suggestions to find the name of the branded device. The president himself proposed two options: Xiaomi MIX Flex and Dual Flex.

In its usual form, a flexible smartphone looks like a typical tablet with an approximate aspect ratio of 4: 3, but when folded, the device is fundamentally different from the folding models presented by other manufacturers.

The President of Xiaomi announces a branded prototype as a unique dual foldable device. The Xiaomi concept folds along two parallel axes at once. As a result, the folded smartphone display consists of three parts, and its shape is in many ways reminiscent of modern frameless gadgets. In the demo video, Xiaomi's foldable prototype looks much thinner when folded than other flex-screen models.


Versions of flexible gadgets presented to date have a number of imperfections compared to conventional devices. This is largely due to their dimensions, the thickness of which is much greater than the dimensions of the usual modern devices. Often the design of a flexible screen smartphone is complicated by an additional external display to keep functionality in a compact form. For example, this can be seen on the Samsung flexible device concept, the second screen is likely to receive the recently announced Motorola RAZR flexible screen.


In the new Xiaomi, the mechanism by which the main (aka the only) screen bends outward, allows you not to complicate the gadget with an auxiliary display. To date, a flexible Xiaomi smartphone, apart from appearing on a demo video, has not yet been announced as an announcement at any of the upcoming specialized events, nor has the manufacturer announced the start of the implementation of its product.

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Author: Jake Pinkman