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How flexible smartphones Xiaomi and Motorola will be


We live in interesting times. Time for technical innovations and globalization. Not so long ago smartphones and tablets appeared, and now they are undergoing some improvements and changes. Less than a year ago, a new trend was set - the development and production of flexible gadgets, after which the leading manufacturers of electronic devices staged a race about this.

It looks like Xiaomi and Motorola also decided to take part in this rivalry.

A smartphone that folds in two places

This year will be marked by the emergence of new form factors, particularly in the field of flexible devices. This does not mean that all manufacturers will follow this path. Someone will not want to use such fashionable trends, others will not have enough resources.

However, all of them will try to create a modern and high-quality product that suits all consumers with its parameters. Xiaomi has its own version along the way. If they manage to bring it to life and (especially) keep the declared price of the product in the specified range, then they will be successful.


There is currently no perfect flexible gadget. All presented versions have their drawbacks. Samsung envisions that the device needs a second screen on the back to enable it to be used when folded.

In Royole Flexpai , turning the tablet into a smartphone requires folding the screen outward. In addition, this manipulation helps to eliminate the resulting fold.

In all cases, the bottom line is the same - the resulting device has a monitor that is long and narrow. This is not very convenient for users who are already used to other aspect ratio settings.

Xiaomi wants to find a compromise between several options. A video appeared on the network showing a prototype of this company's product. It is a rectangular tablet. Then it is transformed by two folds into a smartphone. Its areal parameters are close to the standards that most modern similar devices have.


Everything that happens in this video is commented. It is reported that the company has already developed not only the product itself, but also its hardware and software.

To what extent this is so is not yet known. Insiders have no information about this gadget, not even its name. Most likely, it will be called Xiaomi Dual Flex or Xiaomi MIX Flex. It is possible that some kind of competition will be organized, according to the results of which the name of this flexible device will be chosen. All that remains is to wait a little.

Another approach from Motorola

The company's plans include the release of its own foldable smartphone. There is information about the desire of Motorola engineers to revive the legendary device - Razr. Everything goes to the fact that the new device of this company will be formed by analogy with the old classic clamshells.


One can imagine such an option when, instead of the device in question turning into a large tablet, it is reincarnated into a smartphone, which is even smaller. This occurs as a result of bending the product in half.

A few days ago, in one of its articles, the Wall Street Journal reported that Motorola is reviving the Razr brand. The new smartphone will have a foldable display. It is expected to start at $ 1,500.

Later, a patent application from this company was discovered. On one of its pages is a picture of a flexible device with a middle hinge and a double back panel with a display and fingerprint scanner. If the device is open, then it is a smartphone with a touch screen. When you close it, using an additional screen, you can actually see information about messages and calls.


This scheme is speculative. The dotted lines on it show the approximate locations of the fingerprint scanner, secondary screen and camera. It would be incorrect to state with a high degree of probability that a smartphone that will go into mass production will have all these elements in the indicated places.

The timing of the development of this product and the date of its announcement have not yet been announced. Motorola representatives have yet to comment on the above information.

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Author: Jake Pinkman