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Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo took up the promotion of brands within companies


Chinese manufacturers almost simultaneously started developing new smartphone brands within their own brands. Over the past period, several high-profile IT-names have announced the start of such projects. At this stage, the most famous new product within the parent company is Honor - a brand within Huawei, under whose name the manufacturer produces affordable devices, leaving the main name for smartphones in the premium segment.

The trend continues and Lenovo has announced that it will start releasing new Lemeng smartphones. The Lemeng brand is not new to the company. Once the brand that Lenovo decided to give a rebirth, already existed. Under his name, Lenovo presented smartphones with improved characteristics for audio playback, but several years ago it stalled this project.

On the official website dedicated to Lemeng, representatives of the project clarify the ownership of the brand by the Lenovo Group corporation, which produces smartphone brands under its own name, and now has launched a sub-brand within the main one. The resource also informs about the upcoming large-scale meeting on the future development of Lemeng, where the technical features of devices with a new name and the marketing development of the revived logo will be decided.


Another well-known Chinese manufacturer has decided to separate its own line of mobile devices into a full-fledged brand. Xiaomi plans to produce under its own brand the budget smartphones Redmi, which had the same name before, but were produced within a separate family. Devices of the premium segment will also remain with the Mi logo.

The two Xiaomi lines are marketed in different ways. The implementation of the Redmi family mainly takes place through Internet channels, and devices under the Mi logo are sold through standard retail outlets and offline stores. Thus, Xiaomi currently has three brands of smartphones, under which it produces devices for different groups of consumers: Redmi is intended for the affordable segment, Mi is for the premium class, and affordable devices with a number of flagship characteristics are produced under the Poco name.


Another representative of Chinese electronics is keeping up with Xiaomi. Vivo also announced the creation of a separate brand within the main one. His name is Iqoo. Little is known about the new brand, it is possible that smartphones under the new brand will compete with premium and gaming devices from Xiaomi and Nubia.

Following a similar scheme, Oppo created an independent brand Realme, with the name of which the release of mid-range smartphones started. This happened in the middle of last year, but the project soon went into free float, becoming an independent manufacturer. The new brand has successfully conquered the Indian markets, and now feels confident in the southern regions: India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt. Likewise, Oppo launched OnePlus, whose namesake brand makes premium devices.

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