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Latest Foldable Data: Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone, Galaxy Tab Fold, iPhone Flexible Screens


Nowadays, several major trends in the production of mobile devices are clearly visible. Developers are concerned about increasing the usable area of their displays and creating an optimal form factor for a bendable gadget. The fashion for flexible displays in smartphones and tablets is relatively recent. Big brands immediately fought to gain a larger share of this market. The devices, created by engineers from Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and other firms, have already been announced. At the same time, manufacturers are looking to expand their range of bendable devices. Other companies strive to keep up with the leaders in this area. Let's tell you more about everything.

Xiaomi plans to develop a gadget that resembles the Motorola Razr

Renders hosted by Windows United are now online.


The images, which reflect the data of one of Xiaomi's patents, show the concept of a foldable smartphone. At the same time, when open, it looks like a regular mobile phone. Once folded, its dimensions are halved.

You can see that there is a second screen on the back of the device. It looks rather limited, as it can display only the time, date and some other data.

Experts assume that the creators of such a product want to meet the needs of the target audience that needs modest-sized phones. Large displays and gadgets that can turn into tablets are not of interest to them.

This project is very much reminiscent of the Motorola Razr 2019 already well-known on the market. The form factor is completely identical, but the Chinese developer has a chance to make a cheaper device. Plus it can become more functional.

As a reminder, the Razr is priced at $ 1,499. Despite this price, it is classified as a mid-range device. It is assembled on the platform of not the most advanced Snapdragon 710 chipset. The main feature of the smartphone is its design. Therefore, if Xiaomi succeeds in making something similar or more original with interesting specifications, then its product will conquer the market.

If we talk about more solid competitors, then it's worth remembering the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Its launch was repeatedly postponed due to identified design flaws after trial testing. Now everything is fixed there. The device has a respectable design, powerful filling, a capacious battery.

It also has impressive photo capabilities and is priced at around $ 2,000 US

Another foldable smartphone - Huawei Mate X in limited quantities is already on sale in China. Its main disadvantage is the lack of Google services. Therefore, for sure, sales of the model will be limited only to the borders of the Middle Kingdom.

Samsung develops first foldable tablet

Two already well-known gadgets - Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X help the user to get a larger screen. Each of them does it in their own way, but the essence is the same. The owner of such a device does not need to constantly carry a tablet with him, it is enough just to open the smartphone and you can use it for various needs.

What attracts people to these devices? They are not only well designed and attractive, but also well equipped. Most importantly, these products are inherently compact. In this they have something in common with the Motorola Razr 2019.

Recently it became known that Samsung has another patent, which provides for the development of a bendable tablet.


It is somewhat similar to the Galaxy Fold, but does not have a second screen. This means that the device will not be used when folded. Also, the images do not show the cutouts for the camera. This may mean that it will not exist at all, which is unlikely, or for the first time in the history of tablet production, sensors will be placed under the screen. It will also have four speakers, which speaks of significant claims for the sound quality produced by the device.

It can be seen that the device is folded in the center in the vertical plane. The same form factor is expected for the Galaxy Fold 2. There is no official name for the new product, so insiders dubbed it the Galaxy Tab Fold.

As mentioned above, the main advantage of a tablet with this form factor is its compactness. It can be easily stowed in a bag or outerwear pocket.

iPhones will begin to feature Samsung's flexible displays

The 2019 iPhone lineup includes two devices with OLED displays and one with an LCD screen. Insiders said that in the future, everything will change here. The next generation of Apple smartphones will have flexible and thin OLED panels.

Korean journalists recently reported some interesting news. Three new iPhone models will hit the market next year. The dimension of their screens will be 5.4; 6.1 and 6.7 inches. The largest and smallest of them will receive flexible displays from Samsung, developed using Y-OCTA technology. It allows you to integrate the touch layer directly into the screen.


This results in a thinner device that has more room for the battery. It is possible that this will allow the installation of batteries with a larger capacity.

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