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Inside # 12.11: foldable smartphone from Motorola; Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus; OPPO Reno 3; Xiaomi perspectives


In this insider's roundup, we first talk about a foldable device being developed by Motorola engineers. Then we will discuss the equipment of the yet unannounced Galaxy S11 Plus and OPPO Reno 3. In conclusion, we will find out what fans of Xiaomi products can expect in the near future.

Motorola's bendable gadget will get side sensors

On its pages, our portal has already talked about the Motorola Razr - a device in the design of which one of the best solutions among bendable gadgets of this year is applied. Its screen is not large, but the developer's specialists have turned out to be a sturdy clamshell like the Razr V3.

One of the insider resources found another patent application from this company, indicating that Motorola continues to research the optimal form factor for a flexible product. Moreover, its style, judging by the documents, will be similar to Razr.


The novelty has a clamshell form factor with an additional display outside. It also has eight side sensors, which are virtual buttons. They are located on the body, parallel and symmetrical to each other, four on each side. With their help, you can control your smartphone. To do this, simply swipe or tap on any of them.

According to the presented scheme, it is easy to understand that when the device is closed, the sensors are partially combined. The accumulative sensor mode is activated, which increases the functionality of the device.

Then you can, for example, use the services of the voice assistant Google Assistant or turn on the selfie camera. When the smartphone is open, pressing the same buttons actually launch one of the applications.

Using the touch sensors in the device, it is possible to perform 20 different functions.

The practice of using side keys to control mobile devices has been around for a long time. Such manufacturers as HTC and Google actively use them in their developments. For the most part, these buttons are for quick access. For example, BlackBerry devices have a key for which you can select and assign one of the functions, including management.

It is not yet clear how Motorola specialists intend to minimize the number of false positives. After all, there will be eight sensors in the public domain. In most cases, additional protection against accidental clicking is indispensable.


The patent documentation says that the novelty will receive a fingerprint scanner built into the display. The Motorola Razr has it at the bottom, while rivals Samsung and Huawei use side scanners in their foldable devices. Therefore, here the palm belongs to the product from Motorola.

At this time, no one says that this device will become Razr 2. There is a lot of evidence that the most successful and interesting patents remained on paper.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus will be equipped with 108-megapixel camera

New data from insiders appears on the network regarding the yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus. According to them, the sensor of the main camera will receive a 108 megapixel sensor and 100x hybrid zoom.

It is also said that the camera will be equipped with a 48-megapixel telephoto lens with the ability to zoom in ten times.

The ruler will receive several modifications. They will be equipped with cameras with three or five lenses.


The smartphone is equipped with a 6.9-inch screen, 2K resolution with a 120 Hz refresh rate. All over the world, the device will start selling under the control of the Exynos 990 processor. Only for China and the USA, the Snapdragon 865 will be used. It is also said about the availability of 8 to 12 GB of RAM and a 4900 mAh battery.

Galaxy S11 (SM-G968B) will receive similar equipment. It was recently tested in Geekbench 5.0.3.

The Galaxy S11 Plus is expected to launch in February next year, with sales starting in early March.

ORRO's line of smartphones will be equipped with a dual-mode 5G modem

A week ago, a presentation of the ColorOS 7 firmware took place. At the same event, ORRO announced the release of the Reno 3 line in December this year.


After that, insiders stepped up work in this direction. Their activity resulted in a number of leaks. One of them says that gadgets will receive support for fifth generation networks with the ability to automatically switch between modes. There are only two of them, according to the number of available formats: 5G and 4G. Most devices from other manufacturers are not equipped with the functionality of switching between them, users do it manually.

ORRO plans to install 5G modems on all of its smartphones over $ 430 next year.

Xiaomi will release at least ten 5G gadgets in 2020

From reliable sources it became known that the Chinese company Xiaomi has planned the release of ten smartphones next year, which will be equipped with support for fifth generation networks.

At this time, some of them are already undergoing certification in China. So the models M2001J1E and M2001J1C (probably Mi Mix 4 and Mi10) will additionally complete a 66 W charger.


If the information is confirmed, then we can talk about equipping these devices with the most powerful chargers in the world.

It is also known that other modifications - Xiaomi M2001J2E and M2001J2C will receive 30-watt chargers.

The dates of the announcement of new products have not yet been disclosed.

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