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The sales of the ZTE Axon M folding smartphone begin on the USAn market


The ZTE Axon M smartphone has been officially launched on the USA consumer electronics market, which the manufacturing company calls the world's first flexible case.

The very first worldwide announcement of the device took place in 2017. At that time, ZTE planned to implement it as an exclusive in the AT & T network, a US telecom operator, but later the smartphone appeared on the European market and only a year later reached USA. Despite this, the model did not lose anything in its uniqueness, since none of the market giants has presented a similar device of a similar design in a year.

Folding case

Structurally, the ZTE Axon M smartphone really has a folding case, but there is no flexible display in it. In fact, this is a "clamshell" with two 5.2-inch displays each in a thin frame with parameters 1920 ? 1080 and Full HD support. When the device is open, the diagonal of the overall screen is increased to 6.75 inches and dimensions are 1920x2160 pixels.

The software component is provided taking into account the design of the device. On two displays, two applications can run simultaneously or one in Full Screen mode. Additionally, the phone supports the Mirror Mode technology, due to which the display of the program of one screen is duplicated on another. When closed, the device is 1.2 cm thick and weighs 0.23 kg.

Technical stuffing

Possessing a double screen, the technical characteristics of the folding smartphone ZTE Axon M belongs to the category of "mid-range", although a year earlier its parameters corresponded to the flagship models. The device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset released two years ago, and is equipped with the Android 7.1.2 Nougat mobile system, released in 2017.

The smartphone has only one 20MP camera, 3.5mm jack, USB-C charging port, microSD card support. The amount of RAM is 4 GB, internal memory is 64 GB. There is also an assembly with 6 and 128 GB of memory.

Competitor models

At the moment, there is a smartphone model in the world equipped with a flexible screen - this is a device called FlexPai by the Chinese manufacturer Rouyu Technology. So far, it is sold only in the Chinese market and is presented in three versions in terms of RAM and internal memory: 6 and 128 GB, 8 and 256 GB and 8 and 512 GB, respectively. In comparison, the ZTE Axon M smartphone loses in terms of the size of a single screen, the FlexPai has a 7.8-inch display based on an AMOLED matrix located on a flexible substrate. A version of the Google Android mobile system called Water OS has been specially optimized for the device, adapted for the flexible screen design.

Next year, another version of the flexible phone concept is expected to be presented by the Korean giant Samsung. The company has already familiarized the public with a working prototype of the device, but by the time of final release, the design of the model, while maintaining the general concept, is likely to be changed. The Samsung prototype folds inward, while FlexPai folds outward.

According to unconfirmed information, Xiaomi is working on a flexible smartphone Mi Mix Flex. Microsoft has filed a patent for a similar solution, although a year earlier it completely stopped producing smartphones.

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