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Samsung's new foldable smartphone is a work on the mistakes of its predecessors


Samsung has officially unveiled a new foldable smartphone called the Galaxy Z Fold2, the company's third ever foldable smartphone. The previous Galaxy Folds and the Galaxy Z Flip clamshells, also with innovative displays, have become a kind of trial samples of the Korean manufacturer, so when creating the new Galaxy Z Fold 2, the company listened to consumers, analyzing their feedback on their first smartphones of this form factor.

By user requests

Samsung is positioning the novelty as a smartphone with intuitive control, which, in addition, has improved performance and optimized functionality for multitasking. The company says it has prioritized researching user opinions on previous flexible gadgets. The result of this work was the Galaxy Z Fold 2, in which the manufacturer, according to his own statement, made significant improvements and innovations to obtain a more perfect result.

The company talked about how the first generation Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone helped to understand how much such gadgets are in demand among users. As it turned out, the folding form factor functionality increases the number of multitasking operations. So, on standard smartphones, about 4% of users used the display of two simultaneously running applications in split screen mode. On the Fold device, the percentage rose to 34%. In addition, the majority of survey participants (76%) expressed a preference for using one mobile device while performing several active tasks at the same time.


Key Features

A notable difference between the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the previous Fold model was the increase in the auxiliary external (non-folding) display to 6.2 inches (the predecessor had a diagonal of 4.6 inches). The main 7.6-inch flexible screen is boosted to 120Hz with a much smaller notch for the front camera.

The announced foldable Samsung smartphone has received an updated design of the hinge mechanism that connects the two parts of the gadget. Its structure now allows you to fix an open smartphone at any angle. In addition, the developers managed to reduce the gaps between the parts of the case, and to protect against dust getting under the screen, special microbrushes are installed in the structure.


The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is powered by a 4500 mAh battery with support for fast charging technology. In addition, the flexible-screen smartphone supports Samsung's DeX17 connectivity standard, and with built-in Nearby Share, can communicate wirelessly.


In the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the manufacturer has optimized the capabilities of the innovative flexible smartphone form factor. So, the main screen can be used as a tablet, creating working documents in office programs. In the mode of simultaneously open several applications, the device allows you to drag and drop their content between themselves or, for example, view mail and conduct a business conversation at the same time.

Also, a foldable smartphone in CaptureView Mode allows you to immediately see the pictures you just took while remaining in the Camera application. New photos will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. In addition, the simultaneous dual-view activity of the primary and secondary displays gives you the ability to control video or photo capture from both sides.


The manufacturer rates the Galaxy Z Fold 2 at 179,990 rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman