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Future foldable Samsung smartphone estimated at almost $ 2000


In November, Samsung demonstrated a prototype of a new device capable of bending in half, although no one was able to hold it in their hands.

The future foldable Samsung smartphone looks like a regular, albeit somewhat bulky phone, and when unfolded it looks more like a 7.3-inch tablet. In addition, when expanded, the panel supports the "multi-active window" option, that is, it can display three applications at once.

The manufacturer carefully protects all the technical details of the novelty, saving them until the official presentation of the finished device, scheduled for February next year. According to some reports, Samsung's foldable smartphone will be named Galaxy Fold. Early assumptions about the cost of the future device within a couple of thousand US dollars turned out to be correct.

Analysts have calculated the final price of the most technically sophisticated Samsung smartphone, calling the amount of $ 1,800. At the same time, the cost of the device, obtained after evaluating the expensive elements required for production, is calculated within $ 640.

The future South Korean device is credited with two sets of cameras for each part of the body and two batteries with a total capacity of up to 6000 mAh. Presumably, a pair of front cameras will receive 8 MP modules, and the main ones will receive a 12-megapixel module. Equipped with a 7.3-inch OLED panel, Samsung's foldable smartphone will be powered by next-generation chipsets. Probably, they will be the branded Exynos 9820 or the recently announced latest Snapdragon 855. There is no exact information on the amount of memory, according to rumors the smartphone will receive 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

The Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a convertible screen is expected to hit the market next year. Perhaps this will happen in March after the official announcement of Samsung's flagship model - Galaxy S10.


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Author: Jake Pinkman