Insider # 11.09: Xiaomi wearable device; Samsung Galaxy Fold; new SSDs from Intel; inexpensive Samsung Galaxy Note; Redmi 8A Pro (Topic)

World Of Topics » Gadgets » Insider # 11.09: Xiaomi wearable device; Samsung Galaxy Fold; new SSDs from Intel; inexpensive Samsung Galaxy Note; Redmi 8A Pro

Insider # 11.09: Xiaomi wearable device; Samsung Galaxy Fold; new SSDs from Intel; inexpensive Samsung Galaxy Note; Redmi 8A Pro


The penultimate September issue of insiders will be devoted to data on the Apple Watch analogue being developed by Xiaomi. We'll also talk about the start of sales of the foldable Samsung device around the world and the upcoming release of a new smartphone model. Then we'll talk about the creation of a new technology by Intel, which will soon launch the production of inexpensive SSD-drives. In conclusion, let's discuss the first information about Redmi 8A Pro.

Xiaomi Smart Watch

Recently, experts and users have appreciated the new software from Xiaomi. Upon close examination, it was revealed that this manufacturer is planning to develop a new wearable device. Even the name of this supposedly smart watch has become known - Mi Watch.


This information appeared after experts studied the program code of the Google operating system for wearable gadgets. Several lines were found in it, which declassified the name of the gadget.

Immediately a question arose regarding possible expectations from the release of this product. The experts came to the conclusion that the main factor will be the balance between the level of performance of the new product and its price. This conclusion was facilitated by the analysis of the mobile devices of the Chinese company. They are all inexpensive, high quality products.

If Xiaomi maintains the same parity in the production of Mi Watch, it is highly likely that some competitors in this segment will have to give up part of their market share.

This week there were many events related to the name of this enterprise. First, the flagship Mi 9 Pro was announced, then they talked about a smartphone with an extraordinary design Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Now it became known about the imminent release of smart watches. The Chinese never cease to delight the whole world with their achievements.

Galaxy Fold will start selling worldwide

Limited quantities of the flexible Samsung Galaxy Fold are sold in several countries. Recently, the insider portal SamMobile received information that the Korean manufacturer is working on creating several simpler modifications of it.


An important factor will be the decline in the cost of these devices and the start of sales around the world.

Data from the company indicates that Samsung marketers are currently analyzing the demand for flexible devices. They also try to figure out what users want in the first place: what functionality they expect to get, what should be improved, what to pay more attention to.

It also became known that a special version of the Galaxy Fold will appear in the near future. This model is codenamed SM-F700F. It will be equipped with 256 GB of internal memory instead of the currently available 512 GB. This will reduce the retail price of the gadget. Its sales are slated to be in South Korea, China and North America. They will start early next year.


There is no other information yet on the specifications of the company's new foldable smartphone and the launch date.

Available Galaxy Note Versions Coming Soon

This block of insider data is also devoted to information that came from the Samsung camp. The company has already announced the new Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10. GSM Arena claims that the vendor's engineers are currently working on another model.


Insiders even report her codename - SM-N770F. Noteworthy is the change in marking. The series was previously labeled N9xx. Prior to that, in 2014, only one Note received a different SKU. It was the Galaxy Note 3 Neo (SM-N750).


Experts suggest that we are talking about a more affordable version of Note10 that supports the S Pen stylus. According to available information, it will be equipped with a built-in storage capacity of 128 GB. There is no other information about this device.

Intel Coming Soon for Low-Cost High-Capacity Drives

Hard drives are inferior in performance to SSDs. However, the latter have a higher price tag. This is especially true for devices with large amounts of memory.

Intel engineers have developed a new technology that allows you to place up to five bits of data in one memory cell. This will make it possible to increase memory sizes without increasing the overall cost of manufacturing SSDs.

It is not yet known when the mass production of products using the new technology will begin. Currently, 96-layer memory is used, but Intel plans to switch to 144-layer memory. It will become relevant for new types of drives.

Their characteristics, name and release date have not yet been announced.

The first information about Redmi 8A Pro has appeared

The budget smartphone Redmi 8A was recently announced. There were rumors about the imminent launch of production of another model - Redmi 8. But earlier, information about another device of the company appeared on the network.


Big-eyed insiders have found an entry about Redmi 8A Pro on the Xiaomi website. There are no data and technical characteristics of this product yet, but its appearance on the official source says a lot. At least it is already known for sure that the smartphone is certified and will soon appear in the list of devices, the announcement of which is already planned.

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