Insider # 12.01: Redmi fitness bracelet; names of Samsung flagships; realme wearable device; new line of smartphones LG (Topic)

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Insider # 12.01: Redmi fitness bracelet; names of Samsung flagships; realme wearable device; new line of smartphones LG


In the next issue of the insider we will talk about several new electronics products that have not yet been announced. First, we will find out the design features and specifications of the Redmi smart bracelet. Then we will discuss the information about the name of the Samsung flagships and information about the timing of the release of the new device realme. At the end of the review, let's talk about the features of the new line of smartphones from LG.

Insider has declassified product data of Redmi

Redmi produces a wide range of electronic devices. However, until now, there were no fitness bracelets in it. It looks like the situation will change soon.

Recently, an insider from the Celestial Digital Chat Station, on the Weibo social network, published some information about a new product of this company.


It can be seen that it will receive a black body. The screen of the gadget will occupy a significant area of its surface. For control, a touch key is provided, which has received the shape of an elongated line. Display dimensions are not yet known.

The leak also mentions some of the functionality of the device. The Redmi fitness bracelet will be equipped with a heart rate sensor and an alarm clock. He will also help in making contactless payments through the NFC module and will be able to control the process of playing music.

It is assumed that the novelty will be cheaper than counterparts from Xiaomi. The date of its announcement has not yet been announced, but there are assumptions. A few days ago, on the page of the Indian regulator Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), information about the certification of the Redmi Smartwatch model, which received the code number HMSH01GE, appeared.

The documents refer to smartwatches, but since this body classifies all wearable devices in this category, it can be argued that this is a fitness bracelet.

When the product goes on sale, in which region and how much it will cost, it has not yet been announced.

Thai authorities reveal the names of the following Samsung flagship devices

Just over two weeks left before the announcement of the new flagship line of Samsung smartphones.

Meanwhile, disputes about its name continue. Some experts believe it will be the Galaxy S11 series, while others - the Galaxy S20. Prior to this, rumors about modifications of devices with a name similar to the latter were actively discussed on the network, but no evidence was provided on this matter.

The day before yesterday in Thailand, two devices were certified, which will start selling in this country. Not only their numbers have become known, but also their names.


NBTC has published data for SM-G980F / DS and SM-G985F / DS, which will be called Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus in the retail chain. The letter F means that the devices belong to the international market, and DS speaks about the ability of the products to support two SIM cards.

Nothing has been announced about technical specifications and prices for smartphones.

Realme will launch a new fitness bracelet in February

Not so long ago, the announcement of the realme 5i gadget took place. The president of the manufacturer, Madhav Sheth, told reporters about the plans of his enterprise to develop a fitness tracker. This is a new type of product in the company's product range.


It is expected to compete with numerous Xiaomi Mi Band models as well as bracelets from HONOR and HUAWEI. The head of realme explained that the presentation of the device is scheduled for February this year. He did not give a more exact date, but in his monologue he provided important information of a different kind.

In May 2020, owners of realme smartphones will be able to switch to Android 10. The camera of another device, the realme 3 Pro, will not be equipped with a bokeh effect, as there are problems with the optimization of the hardware and software platforms.

Positive news is the information that the owners of all smartphones of the company, over the next two years, will regularly receive security patches.

New line of LG smartphones coming soon

The South Korean brand LG plans to develop its mobile business strategy have become known. This will also affect the premium segment. The main reason for the revision of the company's plans was the unsatisfactory sales of its products on the market. LG also wants to return to the times when the company's products will once again be able to compete with the products of its nearest neighbor Samsung.


In the near future, the Koreans want to abandon the production of G-series smartphones in favor of the V-line. It was born several years ago and during this time has proved to be the best.

The fact is that the devices produced under the letter V have an experimental design. They are constantly working on their functionality, so the equipment in the series is decent. In addition, almost all devices in this line are expensive, which radically changes the perception of the company's products.

They expect to release all their new items at the same time as Galaxy S products. Even in the camp of LG, some kind of surprise is being prepared. Experts suggest that we are talking about a new family of gadgets, but there are no details on this topic yet.

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