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Inside No. 8.05: news from Samsung, Redmi and Xiaomi. New device from Google


This inside story is about news from Samsung and Xiaomi. We will also talk about the upcoming announcement of the flagship smartphone Redmi and the mysterious Google gadget.

Samsung's new gadgets will be equipped with an advanced camera

The capabilities of the photo and video block of a modern smartphone have become the subject of an acute struggle between manufacturers of electronic devices. In this competitive race, the tech giant from South Korea is increasing its position. Samsung has talked about the upcoming camera module, which is endowed with the ability to five times zoom. The main thing in its design is its small thickness.


The form factor of the product is a kind of periscope, the same as in the Huawei P30 Pro. Its magnification capabilities are realized by moving the lenses. At the same time, it should be understood that in order to achieve a fivefold magnification, you need to have a focal length in reserve, the value of which is 2.5 times greater than for a twofold approximation. To achieve the last parameter, the device must be at least 6 mm thick.

Samsung took a different path. The company's engineers have worked with the lenses, changing their shape and styling. Mirrors for lateral reflection of light were also used. As a result of the manipulations done, a camera with a 5x zoom was obtained, the thickness of which is only 5 mm.

This will have a beneficial effect on the external data of the devices where it will be used, since the placement of the cameras will not protrude above their body.


All this information is based on ETNews resource data. According to him, mass production of the above module will begin this month. It is not yet known which devices will receive cameras with such capabilities.

Redmi's new flagship will have a feature

In five days, the presentation of the new flagship device of the company Redmi K20 will take place in China. It is made on the platform of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. The device will receive an OLED display with a diagonal of 6.39 inches and a resolution of Full HD +. It also has fast LPDDR4X RAM.

The key feature of the device will be a capacious 4000 mAh battery. This was recently announced by the Weibo resource, according to which the gadget will be equipped with a 27W charger.

Prior to that, the CEO of Redmi on Weibo posted information that the new product will have three sensors of the main camera at 48 (f / 1.7), 13 (f / 2.4) and 8 (f / 2.4) megapixels. Another nuance will be the availability of functionality that allows slow motion shooting at a speed of 960 frames per second.


The Redmi K20 selfie camera is located in the product body and, if necessary, slides out of it on a special mechanism. The manufacturer confirms the availability of 300,000 such cycles.

The gadget will run MIUI 10 based on Android 9.0 Pie.

Xiaomi Mi9 T certified in Thailand

Xiaomi has recently launched several new smartphones on the market: Mi9, Mi9 SE and Mi9 Transparent Edition. Recently it became known that the line of its products can be replenished with one more model - M1903F10G.

This device has been certified by Thailand, Singapore and the Eurasian Economic Commission. Insiders suggest that it will be called Xiaomi Mi9 T.


Details of its specifications have not yet been established, but it is expected to be a device with more memory.

Google is developing a mysterious device

The US FCC has published documents on its website regarding the registration of an unannounced and incomprehensible product with the number G022A, developed by Google. It is only known that it belongs to a group of wireless devices and can use only one opportunity to communicate with the outside world. It's Bluetooth.


Experts noticed that the Google Pixel 3 smartphone had a similar number at the certification and testing stage - G020A. However, it is known for sure that it is equipped with LTE and Wi-Fi modules, which means that information about the new development of the American manufacturer is presented here. It is not yet known exactly what it is - an accessory or a wearable gadget. Among the assumptions are headphones, a remote control for a set-top box, or a fitness bracelet.

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