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Review of comfortable JBL LIVE 300TWS TWS headphones


Most users have already appreciated the convenience that wireless headphones provide. Almost all manufacturers have already eliminated "childhood illnesses" and have launched high-quality devices. One such product is the model that JBL recently introduced to the market. It has high-quality sound, easy controls and a number of interesting features.

Simple appearance

JBL LIVE 300TWS TWS headphones have a form factor in-ear plugs with replaceable ear pads. They are not completely located in the auricle, but this does not create inconvenience in use. Soft silicone stops are used for fastening.

When the accessory is correctly placed in the ear, the JBL logo is strictly horizontal. Then the arch of the stop goes under the ear septum. To expand the number of users, the product comes with three sizes of stops and attachments.

A compact case is provided for storing JBL LIVE 300TWS. Inside it there are cradles for placing headphones in them. It is large enough for pockets, but there is room for it in a backpack or bag.


Advanced Application

JBL LIVE 300TWS are equipped with Google Fast Pair technology. If you need to pair with a smartphone, you just need to open the case and wait a few seconds. A notification will then appear on the device screen, making the connection available.

The system supports Google Assistant and Alexa.

The proprietary My JBL Headphones app is able to scan the environment of the accessory to determine the number of supported devices. After that, it displays a picture with TWS and the name of the model. My JBL Headphones allows you to:

- enable the TalkThru audio broadcast mode (reduces the volume level), which allows the user to talk to the other party;

- apply the Ambient Aware transparency mode, which uses the microphones on the headphones to hear the surroundings at the same volume;

- set up gesture control; - create the desired sound scheme using the equalizer. It has three presets: jazz, bass, vocals;

- activate the voice assistant, update the software, find headphones by using a sound signal.

Ergonomic controls

The product has good ergonomics. If the attachments are selected correctly, then the device fits comfortably in the auricles. Single, double, or triple taps on the headphone touch pads are precise and accurate. Sometimes you can accidentally click and activate an action.

When performing gesture control, you must accurately hit the middle of the touch pad, otherwise the gadget will take a swipe for pressing. It's a good idea to calibrate your device and practice a little. This will allow in the future to control the accessory without accessing a smartphone. The manufacturer said that the JBL LIVE 300TWS are protected by the IPX5 standard. You shouldn't lose them in the water, but you can run in the rain without any problems.


It is worth noting the high-quality work of optical sensors. When you remove the gadget from the ears, playback immediately stops. If you put them back, it will resume again.


The headphones are not equipped with a very large driver, but they sound powerful. This is partly made possible by competent in-ear landing.

The audio quality is excellent: all the instruments are in place, the vocals are harmonious and do not overlap the sound range. The disadvantages include only the excess of the bottom, which spoils the picture a little, but this is not critical.


When wearing the device for a long time, no discomfort occurs. Passive noise isolation is also pleasing: at 60% volume outside, sounds are no longer heard at all.

When doing sports outdoors, it's best to use the Ambient Aware function. It allows you to control the surroundings with virtually no sound loss, to hear, for example, the noise of an approaching car.

When using the JBL LIVE 300TWS to talk on the phone, a dual microphone is activated to suppress noise and echo. Thus there is no interference and extraneous signals.


The headphones are capable of working on a single charge for 6 hours. Autonomy does not depend on the operating mode of the gadget. Using the case adds another 14 hours. Those interested can use the fast charging option. It allows you to use the JBL LIVE 300TWS for one hour after a 10-minute stay at the outlet.


The case takes almost two hours to fully charge, and the headphones take one hour to charge.


JBL LIVE 300TWS in-ear TWS headphones use the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol to connect to a sound source. Their drivers are 5.6 mm in size. A USB Type-C port is provided for charging. The weight of the device is 12 g (each earbud), 66 g with case.



The JBL LIVE 300TWS model combines a laconic and thoughtful design, comfortable ergonomics, good passive noise isolation, and touch control. For a number of additional settings, there is a proprietary application, the work of which does not cause any complaints.

Although the headphones are wireless and compact, they provide quality sound that will satisfy most users. Their owners will be able to get a lot of impressions.

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Author: Jake Pinkman