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Powerbeats Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones Review


The Powerbeats Pro TWS gadget was released last year. It took developers a year to bring the non-Pro version to the market. Its main difference from the advanced model is the presence of a different form factor. Let's talk about what the Powerbeats Beats by Dre wireless in-ear headphones are good for.

A little about the brand

Beats is well known with 14 years on the market. During this time, the company has gone through a lot. There have been successes and failures. However, the firm remained in the ranks, staking out a certain market share for itself. This is partly due to its transition to Apple's jurisdiction.


This immediately affected the quality of the filling of the company's products for the better. It has become more perfect and advanced.

Design Features

Powerbeats Beats by Dre have already been liked not only by music lovers, but also by those who prefer a healthy lifestyle. This is facilitated by the presence of some features in the design of the device.

So, elastic earhooks allow you to securely fix the headphones on the auricles, preventing unnecessary evolutions. This approach is especially relevant during fitness classes.

A similar form was and is in many analogues from other manufacturers. The developers in the new model applied an original solution. They made the cable an extension of the ears. This made it possible to reduce its visibility and reduce the number of creases and other damage.


An additional plus is the presence of protection against moisture and dust. The headphones are connected to each other with a wire, which will not allow you to lose any of them.

Powerbeats Beats by Dre did not receive a charging case. They have enough of their own autonomy, declared at the level of 15 hours. This was partly done by using only one Bluetooth receiver. The headphones are also equipped with a bundled cable for replenishing energy reserves via the Lightning connector.

The product does not have an optical sensor, which does not automatically stop playback after removing the device from the ears. This is not a big disadvantage, especially since the control process is extremely simple here.

To pair the headset with a smartphone, the company has released a proprietary Beats application. If you use it, then there will be no channel imbalance when adjusting the volume. You can do without it. This is relevant for users who do not care about such a nuance.

How are they managed

The left earbud only has a power button. All other control functionality is located on the right. It includes a volume rocker (hidden under the circular company logo), a button to control playback, phone calls, and a call to a voice assistant.

It's bad that there is no aptX codec, only SBC and AAC are available. Users of Android-smartphones will appreciate this, because it is the latter that is needed for a good pairing of their devices with Powerbeats Beats by Dre.

Some of them note that the transition from AAC to SBC is very noticeable. The sound becomes harsher and more unpleasant.

Communication stability and sound quality

The first buyers of headphones note the good stability of the connection with a sound source via Bluetooth. Some even conducted experiments. Two brick walls, a working microwave with a refrigerator did not block the signal. They also liked the compliance of the autonomy parameter with the level stated by the manufacturer.

The microphones of the device provide good audibility. It is not ideal as the signal sometimes bounces off the walls and is slightly distorted. It becomes booming, but this is not critical. Powerbeats Beats by Dre features Dual beam-forming microphones for enhanced speech intelligibility. The merit of this functionality is obvious.


It is very pleasant to listen to music files with headphones. It immediately becomes clear that the product has a frequency balance close to ideal.

Bottoms are enough here, they are fast, rich and clear. The tall ones turned out to be soft and transparent. Therefore, music is perceived without tension and fog. The vocals here are realistic and believable.

Fans of modern pop music and alternative rock will be especially pleased, because these compositions are devoid of excessive compression and sharp tops.

I also need to say about the excellent quality of playback not only of unpretentious melodies, but also of a rather complex progressive. To do this, you need to choose the right silicone pads for yourself. There are four pairs of them in the kit. In addition, there are two domes to make it easy to customize the unit.


Powerbeats Beats by Dre in-ear headphones received an Apple H1 processor, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless protocol, 15-hour autonomy and SBC, AAC codecs. Their weight is only 26 grams. The Beats mobile app is available to work with iOS or Android devices.



Powerbeats Beats by Dre is an interesting but controversial gadget. They have an original design, simple controls and good sound. Many will choose this, but some will be put off by the uncompetitive price and the lack of aptX codec, as well as some other functionality.

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Author: Jake Pinkman