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Leaks from Apple Camp


Apple is a leader in the design and manufacture of electronic products. Its products, despite their significant cost, are of high quality and functionality. Therefore, interest in the activities of the American manufacturer is not waning. Recently, insiders received a number of fresh data that we will discuss on the pages of our resource.

The iPhone 12 lineup will receive more powerful hardware than the company's tablets and laptops

The latest data on the capabilities of the new A14 Bionic platform has shown that its performance will increase compared to Apple's main competitors. It is expected that with the introduction of the iPhone 12, the competitive bar will be raised even higher.

Speaking more specifically about the achievements, it is worth mentioning that for the first time in Yabloko chipsets, a 3.0 GHz clock speed has been achieved. Therefore, it is highly likely that the 14-series processors, which are likely to be used in assembling new iPhones, will easily solve most tasks in single-core and multi-core modes.


The test results of the A12X Bionic (located on the left), which are equipped with the 2018 iPad Pro families, show that it is quite powerful. This chipset matches Intel's 6-core processor. The improved performance of the A14 speaks for itself. It is clear that it will be higher than that of the company's processors and laptops, so we can conclude that the iPhone 12 will show more dynamics than not only the MacBook Pro, but also the iPad Pro.

Some experts express doubts about the performance that is attributed to the A14 Bionic. They say that reaching a frequency of 3.0 GHz entails significant heating of the processor, which existing cooling methods cannot cope with. It is not yet clear how the engineers of the American manufacturer solved this problem.

It is worth recalling that at the end of this year, Apple will announce four new 12 series smartphones. They will all be equipped with a new chipset. Therefore, users will receive devices of different prices, but with the same performance.

Details of iPhone 9 design and specifications revealed

At the moment, almost everything is known about the budget iPhone 9. It is predicted to begin sales on March 24th starting at $ 399.

There are some doubts about the design of the device, but some of them have been dispelled thanks to new leaks. They were admitted by one of the online stores of the supplier of covers. On the page of the online retailer Totallee, several images of the device have appeared, which is called the iPhone SE 2.


It also says that accessories can already be ordered, which indicates that the manufacturer has mockups of the device. You can get a transparent cover, also white or black.

It is now clear that the device will be equipped with one main camera. The external data of its body and the arrangement of the control keys resemble those of the iPhone 6.

There are still some ambiguities about the design of the front panel. There are no images of her yet.

Also, network informants became aware of the plans of the American manufacturer to release the Plus-version of the device. Information about him was obtained after analyzing the results of testing iOS 14.

Mention is made of a version with a 5.5-inch LCD display, a Home button with a built-in Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the front panel and an A13 Bionic processor.

Another leak claims that both versions of the device will receive Apple Pay and Express Transit. Also, the devices will be equipped with an NFC module for scanning in the background. Previously, even the iPhone X lacked this functionality.

It is not yet clear what the new model will be called - iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. The above date of the start of sales is also questionable, since the coronavirus pandemic may make its own adjustments.

Information about unannounced Apple headphones has appeared on the Internet

The announcement of Apple Powerbeats 4 wireless headphones has not even been scheduled yet, but on the Internet you can already get acquainted with their technical characteristics. One of the attentive fans of the company's products recently found a novelty in a retail network. He photographed the box with the device, which allowed him to get to know the gadget better and find out its cost.


It can be seen that Apple Powerbeats will be produced in black, white and red cases, the price of the kit in the retail network will be $ 149. This is encouraging as the previous generation model cost $ 199. Whether the pricing will change after the release is not yet clear.


It is known that the autonomy of the device will be 15 hours. Before that, there was information about equipping the accessory with an Apple H1 processor, noise cancellation function during a call. They also predict that the model has support for voice activation of the virtual assistant Siri and the ability to quickly charge the product. Allegedly, in five minutes of charging, you can get energy, which is enough for one hour of device operation.

It is not yet known when Apple Powerbeats 4 wireless headphones will be introduced.

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