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Apple's foldable iPad and budget iPhone


Apple is at the forefront of the technology race among the major electronics design and manufacturing businesses. Its products have the highest price among their kind, but this is due to their high quality and functionality.

Unsurprisingly, all the insiders and users that this firm has a sympathy for keep a close eye on its latest developments. Recently, new information from her camp has appeared, which we will discuss below.

iPad will be Apple's first foldable device

There are reasonable assumptions that Yabloko will soon enter the foldable device market, where the innovative iPad model will be presented as such.


In this case, it will not compete with a folding smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but with a Microsoft Surface laptop. The product will be based on the Apple A platform, it will have no MacBook components, but its display size will remain.

One of the IHS Markit executives, in an interview with Forbes, told reporters what his company expects from the iPadOS clamshell device. The concept of this product is expected to be similar to that of Microsoft.

Back at IHS Markit, they don't expect a foldable iPad to hit the market quickly. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that now the main priority for Apple is considered to be the introduction of 5G in the iPhone, the release of which will begin next year. Most likely, the upcoming iPad will also receive support for fifth generation networks.

Now in the world of manufacturers of gadgets and electronic devices, there are two priority areas. The first concerns the development of folding devices, the second concerns the problems of 5G networks and devices that support their work.


Some companies are already working on the second generation of flexible products, although they have not even announced the first ones. These include Samsung's Galaxy Fold 2, the form factor of which may change dramatically compared to the first model already presented to a narrow circle of people.

The Huawei Mate X is also expected to be announced soon. It will fold with the screen outward, which differs from the Galaxy Fold's design, which closes like a book.

There is also information about the development of an analogue by Google. This became known from a patent that this company registered recently. According to him, the form factor of this model will be a product that looks like a book with several pages.

Budget iPhones to go on sale in China

Insiders tracked Apple's supply chain and made an interesting conclusion. The company will soon start selling a low-cost iPhone model equipped with an on-screen fingerprint scanner. Using this option for securing the access device is beneficial to the company, since it allows you to abandon the more expensive Face ID functionality.


This move is intended to meet the needs of users living in China on a budget. This will reduce the costs of Yabloko and attract more attention from users who do not have large incomes.

While it is planned to start developing and selling low-cost iPhones with fingerprint scanners, but without Face ID, only in China, but it is possible that in the future, a similar practice will be applied in other countries with developing economies, where most of the population cannot afford allow purchasing Apple devices due to their high cost.

Apple's Face ID technology appeared in 2017. It allows for facial recognition of users and is an ideal option for biometric security. There is nothing complicated about it, despite the available scanning accuracy. However, some of the components that make it work are expensive.


These include, for example, a laser emitter with structured light. It is expensive to manufacture and adds value to an already expensive iPhone.

Therefore, the Chinese are forced to purchase products from Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO, which have a lower cost with about the same level of equipment.

Many Chinese manufacturers are actively using in-screen fingerprint scanners, so the prices for this technology have dropped. This allowed us to raise retail prices for devices with this functionality.

Apple decided to use the same strategy in the competition. Experts at Barclays predict that next year, iPhones will be equipped with both Face ID and Touch ID technologies. This will allow the company to expand its product range and increase the number of users through budget modifications.

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