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Another leak leaked on the Internet revealing the basic specifications of the new iPhone 2019


Detailed characteristics of the iPhone 2019 family have been leaked, but the official announcement has not yet taken place. The information became available thanks to another leak. Apple itself has not shown any reaction and has not confirmed or denied the published specifications of the new family of branded gadgets. By tradition, the iPhone 11 is expected to be released in mid-September, although its basic parameters have already become known. According to this information, the new "apple" family will include three models, each of which will be an updated version of its counterpart of the current 2018 line.

Basic Features

As it became known, the lineup of Apple smartphones this year will be presented by the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11R. All of them will replace last year's iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, respectively. Every 2019 iPhone will retain the familiar horizontal screen cutout of the standard size, despite the fact that earlier leaks predicted its reduction. The cutout will also house a selfie camera and Face ID face recognition modules.

The youngest new iPhone 2019 - the iPhone 11R model will receive a 6.1-inch IPS display instead of an OLED matrix. It will go to the older brothers iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, whose screen sizes have not yet been disclosed by insider informants. At the same time, the "secret" information reveals more details about the older models of the Apple iPhone.


So, it became known that the basis of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro will be the new A13 Bionic chipset, the characteristics of which will be announced only during the official presentation of the "apple" family. Also, older models of iPhones will receive 4 GB of RAM. At the same time, the capacity of the internal storage will be presented in versions of 128, 256 and 518 GB.


iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models will receive a triple main camera. Additional details regarding the specifications of their modules have not yet been disclosed. It is only known that among the capabilities of the camera there is a recording in 4K resolution with a frequency of up to 30 frames per second. In addition, one of the sensors will be supplemented with wide-angle optics. The updated audio system of the new iPhones will allow you to record sound in stereo. The manufacturer will also improve the camera system with artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the quality of photos taken with the front camera. In addition, AI technologies will allow you to take photos with three cameras at once, and then combine the results into a final image of improved quality.


At the same time, the new iPhone 2019 of the lowest configuration remains the most classified. At the same time, the parameters of the batteries of all three devices also remain unknown. According to unofficial information, the back of all 2019 models will be made of frosted glass, and the color scheme of the gadgets will be complemented by new options in the form of dark green and updated golden shades.

Innovation postponed for a year

If all the information about the 2019 iPhone family is close to real, Apple's new products will not become a sensation in terms of design solutions and technical specifications. They almost completely repeat their 2018 predecessors. In terms of external performance, the line uses the design of "apple" smartphones two years ago, but in technical terms, innovations are also not expected. For example, more budget mobile devices are equipped with 4 GB of RAM, and besides, one should not expect an increase in screen resolution from new iPhones and support for the modern 5G communication standard. Despite Apple's purchase of Intel's manufacturing division, which allowed the corporation to make its own processors, iPhones with support for fifth generation networks should not be expected until 2020.


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