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Vivo TWS Neo wireless earbuds review


Electronics manufacturers are constantly improving their products, striving to be at the forefront of the market. This applies to all products, but smartphones and TWS headphones are especially worth highlighting. The vivo company was no exception here. She recently began selling a new headset that has Bluetooth 5.2 support and capacious batteries. Let's tell you more about everything.

Why is Bluetooth 5.2 so attractive?

Electronic product developers are looking ahead. The market will soon be inundated with gadgets with Bluetooth 5.2, but not everyone will be able to immediately provide headphones that support this protocol. Therefore, vivo decided to be ahead of the curve by developing the TWS Neo model.


What is the difference between this functionality and those that are used now? The answer is simple: the new LE Audio data transmission technology. The main one in it is the LC3 (Low Complexity Communications Codec) codec. It allows you to combine lower power consumption with better sound quality.

Another nuance of this protocol is the presence of isochronous channels. This helps the headphones to receive the signal from the sound source synchronously and continuously. Due to the fact that there are no time offsets between the left and right channels, the jitter of the digital data signal (jitter) is reduced or completely eliminated.

The result is a cleaner, more transparent and more realistic sound.

It is important to understand that this access technology only if the sound source also supports Bluetooth 5.2.

Communication is fast and stable

TWS Neo connects seamlessly. To do this, you just need to pull the headphones out of the case and insert them into the ears.


The smart device will automatically find a familiar audio source. You can connect to two devices at the same time, then the process of switching between them will occur very quickly. To pause the playback, just pull the emitter out of your ear. It's easy to pause an accessory. To do this, you need to lightly touch the touch pad of the gadget.

If there is a need to use the product as a Bluetooth headset, then one earphone is available for this purpose. This option will especially appeal to motorists and those who advocate for road safety. The audibility of telephone conversations is excellent. It only gets slightly worse in large rooms.

The stability of communication in the case of using vivo TWS Neo is high. You can safely move around a three-room apartment without fear that the sound flow will slow down.

Suitable for many

TWS models are widely used now, but not by all. In order for headphones of this type to fit well in the ear, it must have a certain shape. Otherwise, they may simply fall out during a sudden movement of the head. The sound quality will also be worse here due to the loose fit of the accessory.


Therefore, when choosing headphones of this type, it is recommended to try them on before purchasing. Those users who have previously dealt with similar wireless devices can safely purchase vivo TWS Neo. They will surely like this gadget and will suit them in all respects.

For which songs the device will suit for sure

The model has a solid volume margin. In order to evaluate the sound quality, one of the users conducted an experiment. Additionally, he used the LG V50 ThinQ smartphone, which had the volume set at 32-38%. These parameters are the most comfortable.

The result is clean and fully balanced audio. The drivers for TWS Neo are quite large - over 14 mm in diameter. This allows you to feel good lows, which do not merge into a rumble, because they are well articulated.

Bass lovers may find this sound too light, but regular users will love it.

Now it is already clear that listening to heavy metal in these headphones does not make sense. Extremely hard genres are not for them. This headset is designed for listening to quieter compositions: classic rock, chamber classics, jazz, pop.

Only for vivo?

The headphones are made in such a way that some of the nuances can only be realized when using a mobile device of the same brand. As, for example, in the case of the aptX Adaptive codec, which combines high sound quality with low power consumption. There are also special add-ons for the TWS Neo equalizer.


However, all this does not mean at all that the owners of smartphones from other brands should refuse to purchase these particular headphones. The main thing is that the device supports at least the AAC codec. It is inferior in quality to aptX, but not critical. Most users will be happy with it.

This accessory has a number of advantages that are quite realizable with smartphones from other brands. For example, large diameter drivers that allow you to get more accurate and penetrating bass. The point here is not only in size, but also in the use of more modern materials with low weight and high rigidity.


The vivo TWS Neo headphones turned out from developers from China to be of high quality, functional and advanced. They will suit most users, especially those who have a smartphone from the same manufacturer.

The accessory does not have wireless charging, but if you have a good case, it is not really needed. It is easy to do without it, especially when you consider that the price in this configuration is lower. This is important now.

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