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Several events from the world of electronics, to which USAn specialists are related


Almost all the latest reviews related to the world of electronic products are irrelevant to our country. They include mainly China, the USA, and South Korea. Even for India there is a place, but very little of this happens in USA or concerns our scientists.

The specialists of our portal analyzed the situation and found out that several important events have recently taken place, which we will discuss below. Some of them occurred in other countries, but are directly related to the achievements of specialists from the USA Federation.

Super Vision Camera

The state corporation Rostec includes the Shvabe concern, which is leading developments in one of the important areas. Its specialists recently showed one of the smallest and lightest SWIR aerial cameras ever made in-house.

This product will find wide application in various fields. With its help, for example, it is really possible to determine the hotbeds of fire in the taiga, oil spills in the sea. You can also carry out missions of a defensive nature.

The device operates in two modes: digital and analog. This became possible thanks to the use of a domestic product in it. This is a short throw SWIR lens, the use of which has contributed to a reduction in the weight of the product and a reduction in its size.

This improved the stability of the signal, but slightly degraded the quality. The camera was equipped with a high frequency transmitter transmitting 100 hertz signals. This allows it to be used in conditions that are unacceptable for other devices, but the captured frames have a small resolution - 640 x 512 pixels. This is not a bad result, but I would like it even better.


One of the features of the camera is its weight. It is 110 grams. This is almost a record for this class of devices. Most importantly, the light weight and dimensions allow the SWIR aerial camera to be installed on unmanned aerial vehicles with a GoPro gimbal. This makes it economically feasible to use it for civilian and military purposes.

The product can be additionally used in agriculture, metallurgy, even just in a city to ensure public safety. Such a device will be able to identify a person in makeup, determine the contents of his carry-on luggage, and respond to inappropriate behavior.

During the explanatory speech, the developers assured that the range of use of the camera, due to its unique characteristics, could be significantly expanded. It can easily find application in medicine and public transport control systems. Also, the device is useful when carrying out an examination of works of art or determining the quality of food products sold.

A company from the USA Federation intends to impose competition on Elon Musk

Recently, Elon Musk has demonstrated to the whole world a starship that is capable of carrying out interplanetary flights. It is stated that he can fly, for example, to Mars.

Soon there was a response from our specialists in this area. Private enterprise MTKS has announced plans to develop its reusable Argo spacecraft.


Specialists from Roscosmos, Rosatom and Rostec will also take part in the process of its creation. The plans of the creators include the production of a ship that will be able to deliver cargo weighing at least two tons into orbit, and return one ton back. To land it, a ballistic scheme is used, brake motors are used. Their activation is provided at an altitude of 250 meters.

To soften the landing, it is planned to activate the shock absorber at a height of 100 meters. It will soften the landing process.

The characteristics of "Argo" are similar to those of Elon Musk's Dragon. It is assumed that he will be able to fly into space 20 times and return to Earth. One flight will cost about ten million dollars. The entire resource of the device will require about $ 196 million.

Testing the product will begin in 2023. Its tests are planned using the Soyuz-2.1b rocket. Three years later, it is planned to start flights with the Soyuz-5 rocket, the development of which is still underway. Scientists believe that its implementation will increase the vehicle's carrying capacity to 3.5 tons.

The ITKS (International Space Transport Systems) plans to build at least three such ships, the resource of which will last until 2036.

USA development won a prize in the Google competition

Google recently held a Powered by TF Challenge competition, where engineers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) won one of the prizes.


This event aims to bring out the best in machine learning and artificial intelligence. More than 600 participants from different countries of the world took part in it. USA specialists presented the DeepPavlov neural network at the competition, which was endowed with flexibility parameters. This enables her to create and implement virtual assistants and text analysis systems in the shortest possible time.

The representative of the developers - Vasily Konovalov told reporters in an interview that this product is relevant and in demand in the banking and financial spheres of human activity.

The Topic of Article: Several events from the world of electronics, to which USAn specialists are related.
Author: Jake Pinkman