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IPhone XR 2019 and other promising developments of Apple


Apple is one of the leaders in the development and manufacture of electronics. Despite the dominance of products from China and South Korea in this market, many users are eagerly awaiting the appearance of another new product from Yabloko. Therefore, any news from the camp of this enterprise is of great importance to them.

Our portal has made a selection of the most interesting information regarding the promising developments of the American company.

Samsung used a new iPhone to shoot

The other day, unusual data was posted on the network concerning two companies competing with each other. One of the insiders, with the nickname Ice Universe, posted photos of the Galaxy Note 10, the announcement of which was yet to come.

But not only this is interesting. To shoot a smartphone, a device was used in which experts identified an Apple iPhone XR 2 or iPhone XIR (2019). It was clearly seen reflected on the Galaxy Note 10's display. A characteristic feature of this iPhone is the presence of the main camera block, which has a small protrusion above the panel.


It can be seen that the module has a square shape, it consists of two sensors. This prompted experts to believe that the shooting was carried out by a younger modification of the iPhone.

It is already known that the iPhone XR 2 will be equipped with a 3110 mAh battery. The first version of this device is now on sale, which uses a less powerful 2942 mAh battery. Externally, the new smartphone resembles the iPhone 11, only the rear panel will have two lenses instead of three.

In the front, the developers will keep the LCD panel currently in use. It is also said that all new Yabloko devices will not have USB Type-C ports, instead they will install analogues -Lightning.

On the positive side, it should be noted that new products are equipped with new Apple A13 processors.

Renowned analyst talks about what to expect from future iPhones

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared his assumptions regarding the prospects for the development of smartphones from the US company. He specializes in Apple products and always accurately predicts the direction of their development.

This time, the expert told about the devices, the production of which will begin in 2021. Ming-Chi Kuo believes the firm will launch a range of devices during this time frame that will definitely include Face ID and Touch ID sub-screen fingerprint scanners.


These programs are a logical complement to each other and therefore the specialists of the department will try to combine them.

But not everything is so simple. At the moment, there are several production issues limiting developer options. These include the use of an integrated fingerprint scanner, the size of its module and the speed required to prepare the display for work.

A company needs at least one and a half years to form the appropriate technology.

It is already known that the iPhone XI will receive an innovation, which will consist in the introduction of a third sensor of the main camera. This will be a wide-angle sensor.

Next year's models will support 5G networks. They will also receive a small cutout on the front panel and a ToF sensor to aid in 3D scanning.

Foldable iPad Coming 2021

Apple has not yet announced any work on flexible devices. However, insiders are on the alert. Recently, data on the future of such a product of the company appeared on the network.

Experts from the analytical company UBS argue that the first bendable device for Yabloko will be the iPad, which will debut in 2021. The iPhone will follow. The company recently filed several patents related to technology development on this topic.

In the spring of this year, she received a patent fixing the development of a protective coating for the screen and display for the future bendable product. Attached to the document were the corresponding sketches, on which you can see a gadget that can bend like a book.

A survey has already been conducted on this matter. As a result, it became known that 34% of respondents are interested in purchasing a folding Apple device. A significant part of the respondents said that when such a product appears, they will certainly consider purchasing it.

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