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Insider # 8.04: about iOS 13, Microsoft headphones, Kirin 985 processor


Inside this issue will be devoted to the news of the new Apple tablet, the Morrison product from Microsoft and the new flagship processor from Kirin.

Data on the new Apple OS flooded the web

Apple's new iOS 13 is due to premiere in two months, but someone made large-scale leaks on the Internet about some of the nuances of this operating system.

In particular, the 9to5Mac portal reported that after the introduction of the new OS, all users who have the company's gadgets on hand will be able to use a dark screen theme. For this, a separate switch will supposedly be provided in the settings.

Changes will be made to the tablet operating mode. Most iPad apps are said to have the ability to open multiple windows at the same time. They can be stacked by dragging and dropping and multitasking.

There is one more innovation related to working with a test editor. To cancel text input, you no longer need to shake the device on purpose, just swipe left on the keyboard on the screen with three fingers. If this was done by mistake, to return the data, you should swipe to the right.


There will be changes in the Safari browser. If compatibility problems begin to appear, they will open the desktop version, and not the mobile version, as it was before. Also, the specialists of the American company taught the standard mail application to sort letters, defining them in accordance with a wide range of categories: shopping, marketing, travel, etc. Therefore, the search will show the availability of each of them.

Applications that rely on visual elements will receive a new gesture from Yabloko. With its help, it is really possible to select several elements at once, since before it was with the simultaneous selection of several files.

More updates and additions related to font management are reported. The Settings app will now receive a font control panel. The Reminders application will also be updated with several new features. The keyboard will support more languages and has been equipped with a dictation mode.


The presentation of the new Apple iOS 13 will take place in June this year at WWDC.

Microsoft Headphones

Insider Internet resource Thurroth, referring to its data, made an interesting statement. From it it becomes clear that Microsoft specialists are actively working on a new product - TWS headphones, codenamed Morrison.

Experts gave their vision of this event. This is because the wireless audio market is growing at a fast pace. If now you do not have time with your ideas and developments, later there simply may not be room. The prospects also concern the financial side of the issue.


Therefore, experts assume that Microsoft intends to challenge this development not to anyone, but to Apple. Specifically, the AirPods.

Insiders said that the new product is launching in the retail network under the name Microsoft Surface Buds. Its full-time specifications have not yet been established. It is known that the product will be equipped with Cortana voice assistant and active noise cancellation functionality.

The source said that the headphones will be announced this year. When exactly is not yet known.

Kirin Announces Next Generation Processor Soon

Huawei is actively using the Kirin 980 processor in its products, which was released at the end of 2018. However, the engineers of this enterprise are not going to stop there and are developing a new generation of the chipset. According to available information, the next processor will be based on 7nm architecture using EUV lithography.


The product will be marked Kirin 985 and will debut at the end of June.

There is a trade war between the US and China, prompting companies like Huawei to take steps to reduce their dependence on developments in the West. It is known for sure that at the moment more than 45% of all smartphones from the Middle Kingdom are equipped with HiSilicon chips, by the beginning of next year this number will increase to 60%.

In modern terms, many Chinese manufacturers are ready for possible sanctions, implying a ban on the use of chipsets developed in the United States.

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