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Windows 10 will add one of the macOS features


Microsoft plans to implement cloud-based recovery into its branded operating system. As a result, the next Windows 10 update will supplement the system with an analog of the function that is in macOS. It's called Internet Recovery and returns your Apple device to factory settings.

In the best traditions of Apple

For its recovery, Windows 10 will automatically download the necessary files from Microsoft resources. At the same time, several modes are planned, at the start of which the reinstallation may be complete or incomplete.

The undoubted advantage that the Windows 10 version update will receive is the ability to get rid of bootable distributions and external media with software recovery files in case of possible problems with a PC or laptop. Also, the Cloud Recovery feature will eliminate the need to use recovery systems, which are available in some modern laptop models.

Also, thanks to the new "cloud" recovery option, in case of problems with the main PC, there is no need to look for another device to get the necessary program files. All you need to restore your OS is Internet access. In addition, for users who are not particularly versed in the operation of their device in general and the operating system in particular, the new version of Windows 10 with the "cloud" recovery function will simplify the task in the event of a PC or laptop failure. In this mode, the OS will automatically start downloading the necessary program files without user intervention.

There is no exact information about when exactly the Windows 10 update will receive an analogue of Apple's Internet Recovery. According to unofficial insider information, the new option will become part of build 18950. If we take build 18945, which is now being tested in closed mode by members of the Windows Insider program, as a starting point, the "cloud" update will not wait so long.

How it works

Internet Recovery, performed by Apple, involves reinstalling the operating system with a return to the original factory settings. Thus, "cloud" recovery assumes that the user's personal files and other personal information, as well as additionally installed applications and programs may be lost. This can happen again in Windows 10 after it received a similar option to restore the system using the cloud service. Storing especially important files on external media or on a separate section of the drive will protect you from this.

At the same time, Apple developers have tried to make using Internet Recovery on mac devices as easy as possible. The user only needs to hold down a specific key combination and then select the reinstallation confirmation. After that, the OS will do everything on its own.

One of the problems after updating Windows 10, which can complicate the work of the new function, may be unstable Internet. Also, the new recovery method may not work if there are difficulties with accessing foreign servers.

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